Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stacking Saturday!!

Christian supplying troops with liquids!!

The crazy horse sporting the new runway Heathens threads!!

Commander ordering changes!!!

We have 5 yr old that dig harder then most pro hoes!

Well since their was no jam this weekend alot of Heathens showed up to the patch for a flipping soil, dialamatic stack session.
Pasta salad and spicy hot dogs with plenty of beer kept the Heathens moving in the heat. The little ones in the circuit are getting all changed around, for the better of course. The roller behind hips and the step up is a roller now. Much needed to keep the runoff from washing out the dirt bowl tranny. Pipes were dug up and cleaned out. Diversion swales were added. The patch is ready for the down pours, erosion no more!! The new line out of the dirt bowl will get stacked next. You voted and we listened, don't get to cocky its what we needed to do from the get go. It will be a big job so come down and donate a couple hour this week. We lost a couple dudes, they are polishing pros helmets at camp Woodward just trying to get a taste of their meat its gross!! I never thought i would see these dudes bale on the trails to be little pro hoes!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Every time I can't make it shits goin down! Can't wait to get dirty workin on that shit! dig a hole dig a hole! (flyinryan)