Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain Rain Rain

Not too bad
little sag
wet clay stacked+2" rain+no tarp=collapse

Rains freaking me out!! We got two inch's Monday and Tuesday which these shots were taking. Wednesday was good the trails were drying faster then I would've thought and a new lip was built over the course of the day! Now Thursday we are receiving a cervix ripping douche from mother nature!! Bullshit dryer then a priests bar all summer and now 6 inch's of what the fuck in four days!!!!! Not sure whats going to happen for the jam/contest for the 9th!! The Heathens will be all hands on deck with some neighboring spots pitching in sum man hours. I have seen the weather forecast for the weekend and into next Wednesday. Looks good just what we need!! If we have dry days from here to next Saturday you will never know we received all this rain!! Fingers crossed, stay tuned for daily updates!!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Couple Shots from Sunday Evening

James lookback on Harriet Tubman's hip

Mitch Farm Boy Trails local dusting off his front tire on the same hip as above.

Trails got a nice soak today with some much needed rain which should make tomorrow a good day for stacking and maintenance.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pumping up the Patch!!!

Awesome guys from the Chec, stopped in for relaxation and devastation!
Vinnie getting ready for the show life
Crazy, we haven't had this many heads all year!!!! The trails will be prime for jam!!
Tomas, helping tweek!
Cory Fouse
This is what Camp Woodward can do for you, Heavy Hitter
Well the pumpkins are delivered, people are manning shovels , stuff is getting done!!! The commander snuck back in to see if hes got the tricks for the road life????? Amos will shit when he comes home and sees the progress!! Bands will be after Jam across the street, Bands are......
R&R, Magic Missile, Accent Wall, Gorgeous, Your Children Is Beautiful, McKenzie!! Also possible Fat man appearance!!! Fire pit the size of Rhoad Island!! Possible high jump with 5ths of Even Williams for raditude prizes!! Also $2 greenbacks to spectate or ride for day, all money goes to purse. $1 raffle tickets to win bulk prizes, all this money goes to purse!! Train competition is $20bucks a team member, 3 man teams. All this money goes to purse !! I want to hook up the top three teams. Its hard to get a decent purse to split 3 ways. Totalaly purse gets split up............
1st place gets 50% of purse money and possible big bonus per member
2nd place gets 30% of purse money and prize bag of awesomeness!
3rd place gets the remainder 20% of purse and prize bag of redness!!
Camping available with many amenities this is whats going on the details the shit this jam is it!!!!!! Trails open at 9am. Big thanks to all our sponsors- FBMbmx!!, Last Call Distribution!!, Wasted Youth!!!, Nice!!, Case Bmx mag, Woodward camp!!, Subrosa!!, The Shadow Conspiracy!!, Full Factory Distribution!!, Sputnic!!, The Last People!!, Sunday!!!, Deluxe!!, Team Blowing It!!, Forty Distribution!!, You should think of these companies when selecting your new bmx components, products and fabio wear!! Pretty awesome these companies support the trail scene and help stoke everyone attending !! Thank You!!!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Visitors from Near and Far!!!!!

the ending to Harriet tubman line got another tweeking for the good, its the Heathens nemisis line!
Amos, landed a gig building ramps for Travis Pastrana at his place so 3 weeks till our big jam and Amos is in Maryland, sweet and not so sweet
Alex, resie rider and new Lock Haven resident lofting the 30footer, good luck in Salt Lake City man!
Tomas from the Chec Republic, rad rider and good man wish he spoke a little more english
Paul from the Chec Republic, happy to be able to share my pad with these rad trail legends from across the pond!
Resie rider stunting?????

Above is a video from from Paul and Tomas home town trails at there latest trail jam. awesome!! I can only hope to make it across the pond next summer!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saints 2 Sinners Fallen Heroe Jam

Bands Hammered main guitarist and signer rocking out!
Tall lips
nice table, sorry no name
old ass Tommy T
Even Vendiatte killed it all weekend!!! u could pedal and go to the moon so fun!
huge booter
i like toboggans , fuck off if you dont
shitty the clown on a live wire trike? wtf!!
zoom in and look at shitty launch these rocks!!
The upstate NY scene is super awesome!! The Saints 2 Sinners fallen heros jam was no disappointment!!! So good to see all my friends and good people riden talkin and catchin up while having a super good time!!! Jammer bust his ass to turn nothing into something kick ass. Big props to Shannon and Kim Baker for hookin the whole damn thing together. Sponge Bob square pants is the man for letting all of us come raise hell for the weekend and his band killed it Hammered! Bob is a amazing drummer! Good time with good friends!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Few more images from 09/11/2010

James Hawkins - Lookback - Tubman

Train action through step up line.

Kevin Welch gettin a little flat on the Hip.

Shrek's darkside.

Ron White 30' to soft landing!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Imagery from 09/11/2010

Seth Klinger 270 in Tubman

Table contest? James Hawkins 1 foot Tabe

Brent Hile

Craig Kleckner

Alex 3 suicide!

James Hawkins

Craig Kleckner

Andrew Fox

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Halloween Trail Jam / Train Comp October 9th

Lets Have Some Fun!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Fun

send it!
old ass
future of the patch????
Well the patch has been active lately lots of heavy hitters hitting the blue groove. My apple is gay cant tell what the hell im uploading, cause im a dumbass and dont know how to blow up the pics, ha any rate good times are being had, always stoked to see the Reading guys pay a visit, dudes pump me up!!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jams Jams and more Jams!!!!!!!!!!!

Catty Woods, rad dudes+raddest trails=radical jams!!!!
This is going to be so good!!!!! So much there with awesome people!!!
trails have been around for ever, this group is putting it on the map!
These guys get loose so watch your wife! good dudes always a lasting memory

The Heathens are putting together a epic train contest/trail jam/high five fun time October 9th!!! Fly er isn't available yet because i don't know what the fuck I'm doing with adobe?! So support these fine events till then! Alot of good people making shit happen, super stoked!!! so awesome everyone bringing people together for good times! Its even awesomer(just made that shit up!) that these rad companies help some dirty dirt slingers stoke the shit out of people with kick ass products!! So the next time you need some parts you should remember what companies give back to the people and let that help influence your decision!!!!! Thanks to all the rad people in our sport amen lord s of ruckus