Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two more lips down........

Two more lips down, clowns from outta town and the T-Money threw down fronties padless! Big gleam of dont giv a fuck in his eye!!!! He is dialed!! The shadefull, Heathen gratefull green canopy is almost here!! The lumberjack spanked another big one on the Commanders line with Amos watchin close. I gave the hip lip on the step up line a tweaking so that line should be going this weekend! Tomorrow is blue groove day for little dirt at woodward so See yah Friday!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April Showers...........

April showers bring May dialer's! The patch really needs this douchin its gettin right now. Heathens and friends got a little taste of the patch's sweetness, we can get the rest of the lines done! I have been peeping some other trails in PA and they are rockin!! whats our excuse? mine is that there is not enough time in the day! Thinking about a generator. But really topset looks like a poor pounded hooker after a convoy of truckers, she needs a little sherbert dirt to fill in them holes and the barrel's are out water. Their is new parking Fred's got ruts in the yard.(and his berm) Park by the schmoid bone yard, other side of the driveway yah dumbbastard!! .....enjoy and well see you at the patch tomorrow at the 6-9 dig time. Digging sunsets =funsets sorry no pics, I did somthen?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mellow Monday?

What is with this heat? August temps in April!?, damn if the patch isnt dustier then yer gramas tuna taco. Everyone was burnt and tired from the long workday in the heat. So after a few cans of patch oil it was too be a chill table top sesh, but by the end of the night the Heathens were all riden dirty. The crazy Horse has a new nickname, The Lumberjack!! Ashley, Amos's better half, was riden too. Awesome to see someone go for it and get a little better each run. Im pretty sure she digs bmx!! So a good night after the heat watching the sun go down, chillin in the patch!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Funday!!

Damn if I didnt get to the patch late. Andrew, D-Raz and P-Mac met me at the gate. So no pics of the double A pro Woodward Apes. But the Homegrown Heathens were there waitn for more runs! The crazy Horse was a rabid clydesdale tearing up the patch and the first leiutenant was riden smoother then a strippers ass! Two and a half lines still need major work plus the new line looks like a trailer park line. So come out and enjoy yourself but get ready for the next shower for some shovel power!! Commander you got the superstar lifestyle?, grab a suit while yer on the road and well take care of the patch! Leave a comment wanna know what you think?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scortchin Saturday!!

Wow it was a heater today! Hotter then a devils dildo! There wasn't a Heathen with his shirt on the patch was dustier then a nuns panties. It was a good day Heathens getting radical on hips. It was the first day for that line and it feels good! Tomorrow will be good too, there is plans for a 16 foot quarter after the 30 footer!! The patch is going to be one step above helltrack!! Pics are Brent Tyson and the crazy horse so buckle yer lid!! See you at the patch tomorrow the berm after topset needs some attention after all this abuse.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Flowing Friday!!

Today the Heathens installed the blue groove on top set and the Little's in the commanders line. There were alot of Heathens getting their style back at the patch today! These Heathens are some of the biggest contributors for getting things going so far this year. Tomorrow things should be running real good! The camper will more than likely depart for the junkyard this weekend, word is the first trail jam this year will be May 17th, "Tie the knot trail jam!!!" so come out get a waiver and celebrate this old ass Heathen getting hitched!!

Throw away Thursday!!

Shit is rough I forgot to pay the bill so no Internet for a while, straight up pirating the web to do the blog. Sorry shit hasn't been up, The Heathens A-team got the approval from camp and they managed to get $300 bones for tools for the trails there! Thats all they did today there. At the patch Brent awesome Heathen and he was finishing hips last landing with the sun setting. LHU dig crew was in the patch fill en wheelbarrows of sherbet dirt from a new honey hole then there was afire 3 diggers and about 20 weirdos. The schmoids droids I swear to god one of these nights I'm gonna mangle one of those creepers. I burned the couch and watched the schmoids from across the fire, that shit has to stop they're trails not a fuken party place!!!!! So come down this weekend 80 degree temps for the blue groove sesh!

WTF Wensday!!

Well its earth day so the LHU dig crew moved a little earth. The schmoid even came over and gave a hand! Stacking and packing doesn't stop. The A-team starts digging at Woodward today so there goes production. The step-up line is underway, and the lip featured in yesterdays blog is getting dialed. We gotta do something about these handicapped landings they're way to mellow. The Heathens actually had scary trails once, Catty even has a jump called McElhatten!! Now it seems every ones worried about tricks. Brake less free riders first running shit? Lets build some scary shit!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thunderstorm Tuesday!!

Headed west on 80 at 80 to the patch after work. On the horizon the sky was dark with bolts lightning. It took the wind out of my sail. I knew it was another night of 50 pound boots. The camera was dead so the pics will be big time free riders doing threes in the trees!. The Heathens A-team started the jumps at camp Woodward today, the commander is on the road doing shows for, and the LHU dig crew is down a man. Not much got done in the patch, some drainage at the bottom and the 30footer was giving me the stare so she got a little care. Cant wait to send that monster this year! Their is a new waiver for the patch this year and everyone has to sign one. It doesn't matter if your a full blood Heathen or a a 14yr old Russian kid named Nicko lie? sending half finished piles. Just respectful thing to do for the landowner after all he they let us park in the yard and dig holes in their woods. Waivers will be at the trails all day everyday. Fill it out!!! Word is that next month Travis Pastrana and crew are coming for a dirt sesh, cant wait stay tuned!

I have to say that all the trail pics and articles all over the web really has me stoked!!!! I cant ever remember trails with so much enthusiasm!! Its awesome to see people making something outta nothing and having a good time while others are aiming for the Casselberry/Posh dream. Some really good stuff is over at so check them out and then go outside and Dig something!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Misty Monday

With so much to do in so little time. Another rain day full of responsible errands, A Heathen never thought that he would get to the patch. With a cloudy head and enough stress to overwhelm Oprah he makes it to the wooded sanctuary. The gentle mist eased the stress and shimmery clay brightened the day. Lucero in the ear and no other Heathens near, He digs on without any beer. Cold hand Luke style,........ trying to break himself, hating government and all their wealth. It was enough to drain two tubed tyranny's and a pair of 32yr old hammys. Ha that sucked!! The patch looks pretty good more mist tomorrow so come to the patch and lose your sorrows!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Slugish Sunday

The Heathens were sending it today!! I gotta say the lieutenant is on fire! He was turning more tricks then Jenna Jameson. The trails felt slow and the berm out of top set was rutting like crazy and everyone seemed drained but people were still happy and the best part is the littlest Heathen (4yrs) was throwing one footers all day! Damn if I didnt delete the pics but if dont think he did come see the little shredder. Its great to see older Heathens given lessons and pumping up the little guys. It was a good day at the patch! Rain is on its way and the stacking will go on all day so get your muffin top ass to the patch!

Send it Saturday!

The Heathens notified me of a super session at the patch saturday. I couldn't make it because I needed to make a wedding ring run and say hello to a dear friend of mine. Kelly Baker, the myth, legend and 42yr old dad. The man is Mr. BMX. Its sad to see a spot such as his acres run down with no scene. The spot is legendary and awesome but for some reason the diggers have migrated else where. KB digs on however turning tuna shit into tuna fish alone. He had one of the biggest scariest lines done, and needed someone to send it with him. I never jumped it because I saw alot of people lawn dart and scorpion across the road! There I was, scared like a little bald pussy, and he roasted it like it was nothen! So shit went down and no one even got hurt. It was awesome to see him and his family again and if your in NY state stop in and give him a hand at the acres! Now of to the patch!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Flabergasting Friday!!

What a great day to be in the woods! The Heathens were out in full force, Toy looked like a amish horse in August. He was all lathered up from running wheelbarrows down the mountain. As soon as he got back another one was full of sherbert dirt. The big excavation from the honey hole is way down on production due to its new depth. Christan and Mike dont really care how deep it is, The Heathens have had to fill buckets to extract the sherbert dirt. The commander is back and busy cleaning up hack jobs. Alot of guys were there today since a long leave of absents, Its awesome these dudes hav there own trails at home but enjoy the circus antics of the patch. Some Heathens are itching to send shit so bad they broke out the torch and started roasting trannys only to find that some retarded squirel ate a hole in the torch line. It could hav been bad, luckily the commanders first lieutenant shut it down before someone got burnt. Another day in the patch another day in the hole, Get in the hole!!! Trails should be running tomorrow evening if the crazy horse and Dillbert have anything to do about it. See you there?

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