Thursday, April 16, 2009

Toad-illy Thursday Part Deux

Good day the trails today. The bottom half of the Patch is well on its way to being dialed in. Some good Dave Chappelle quotes keep the crew laughing along with some counseling with a local digger about his life choices. Tom showed up after a hard day at work with a Busch twelver and decided he wanted to eat some frog legs. So Tyson roasted a frog up with his lighter and Tom went to town. One of the local's brett (majoring in biology) figured it was fine since most frog's have antibiotics in their skin. Tom didn't really eat the frog he just bit it but to tell you the truth I would have not been the least bit surprised if he would have ate our fallen amphibian friend. Never the less the line known as hips is nearly finished. Check out that spray paint Commander.
-Brad H.

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Floater McGavin said...

look out i have a bad tamper

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