Friday, April 17, 2009

Flabergasting Friday!!

What a great day to be in the woods! The Heathens were out in full force, Toy looked like a amish horse in August. He was all lathered up from running wheelbarrows down the mountain. As soon as he got back another one was full of sherbert dirt. The big excavation from the honey hole is way down on production due to its new depth. Christan and Mike dont really care how deep it is, The Heathens have had to fill buckets to extract the sherbert dirt. The commander is back and busy cleaning up hack jobs. Alot of guys were there today since a long leave of absents, Its awesome these dudes hav there own trails at home but enjoy the circus antics of the patch. Some Heathens are itching to send shit so bad they broke out the torch and started roasting trannys only to find that some retarded squirel ate a hole in the torch line. It could hav been bad, luckily the commanders first lieutenant shut it down before someone got burnt. Another day in the patch another day in the hole, Get in the hole!!! Trails should be running tomorrow evening if the crazy horse and Dillbert have anything to do about it. See you there?

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