Monday, August 31, 2009

Dialing Dirt........

This is my favorite pic of the day, Nice!!
Legends digging, hell yeah!!

Canonball Commander!!

Transfer from hips to straights........trails are so good right now!!!!!!!

the cleanest tightest dreads in the patch!

Get out my swamp donkey!!!!!!!!

The mans still got it good

Kick it

Lieutenant dialed!!

Catch it

Can u find the Lieutenant??

Belmar!! 4 Pack!!!? Holy shit someones blowin thrue the fence!!!

It awesome when legends stop in at the trails not only to ride, but to help dial in the dirt! Mr. Wessel and Dr. Ron were in the patch smoothing shit out and then shredding it to the gnar. It was an ideal day in PA for trail activities, 70 with a breeze almost feels like fall already!! The Commander was commanding super stunts all over, he wouldn't get in the hole. First Lieutenant was in the hole and in the trees. Amos was asking Wessel about dread tips for his messy hair, MVR of the patch was moving soil and riding to a boil. Still cant get over these BMX pioneers dialing in the patch like that, super cool. Its 5 days away till the belmar!!! Cant wait this is going to be the best comp/jam fun time of the year!! Heathen big time heavy hitter convoy leaves Friday for the show whoever wants to go follow in tow. Leave your feedback in the comment section sissy!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Good Times,

go dig something

Wow just got the new DIG mag!!! Sweet article in there by rad bad Clint Reynolds gypsie tour stop with the Heathens. Alot of good reading right there!!! Also watching the new FBM video Gypsy Caravan 2our for the 10th time in 2 days. Fuken Stoked!!Anyone who doesnt drop $8 bucks for this 2 dvd set is retarded!!!!!!! Well worth it! In other news its raining again outside so get the fuck UP! and go to your local trails and pound that shit out. To much pounding out the shower leads to plugged drains and fat ass couch back pains!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Up Coming Madness

The Heathens were chilling at Tommy Ts watching the new FBM video. double disc for $7!!!! Only FBM, thinking of the people. The Gypsies tour is full of the patch!! so rad, Belmar next weekend and Danial Dhers will also be at the patch celebrating the Pennsylvania dutch with Tyson Barner. Belmar September 5th!!! Tommy T's taking his kids, and Heathens!! Check out the nacho ordinary jump video at Will the thrill wowed the crowd while Tommy T breaking concrete!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Heathens and Nachos

You have no rad Richmond is!!

This guy had the helicopter going so hard bitches were chipen teeth

Look at his foot!! so glad the G unit made it out of this!!

the raddest baddest basterd in bmx!!

This guy was a Chippen Dale dream smasher straight outta the Nachos!!

this guy doesnt really give a fuck

Toymenater!! dominater!!

This was white knuckle!!

100degrees at 8am!! check out the wire on the fence in the background, B teams suite!!

Flash, carefull he's mean cause he has no hair

Heathens were double shifting Robert Lees backyard all weekend!! The Commander and Amos were stunting for the Confederates on Saturday when they were rained out, the b team was on a 12hr trip to Richmond(6hr trip) with the honey hole visits along the way!! The tri fecta was perfect, DWI across three states?! We had A-team super stunter heavy hitter along for some trailer park carnage. Cherokee sent us straight into Hell!! barb wire tent toss under the street lights sweet dreams, to double A gate starts with a little trails in between. Im pretty sure a saw this dude flairing for tits!!!! It was the shit!! Thanks to all who jammed in for the long haul, one if not the best road trip ever!! Train wrecked kids and solid lids the Heathens kept up the Union tradition with a good trip to Richmond!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Other Goods

The Heathens are hitting the road this weekend. Out and about, check these sites out: has this ballpark video for the A.R.F. which for every time the video is watched in its entirety ballpark will donate money to the athlete recovery fund!!! Pretty cool so tell everyone you know make them watch all of it! http://www.liquorbikes,com/ also has a real nice site with some nice shots of the patch from there visit. This is a sweet site so go check them out! are some cool chaps as well with some real good tidbits. And the new Gypsy video trailer is dope!!!! The patch looks top notch in there!!! Cant wait to watch all that. You can see the trailer at

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekend events

Find out more over at
Find out more about this over at

Sunset in the patch


Rapeing the 30 footer for easy stacking?

So much going on this weekend, gona have to hit the road. Just not sure where to go? No Heathens at the patch tonight, sucks. But I got to see the newest operation. Amazing a backside looks this when the lips dialed and a couple dudes are sending it that they would rape a corner off for another landing???????? Its all good thou, Im used to the trend of removing jumps to use the dirt for other jumps......................

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain,

Yeh, I feel you Commander.
August, Old ass man

Jully, Rise Above stunt show heavy hitter Vinnie

Congrats to Seth for the dk dirt win!!

Nutter scooter style smooth as butter, June

May was good, in and out!

............and more Fucking RAIN!!!!!!!! Enough to drive me insane, the woods wet makes me fret. Its dark when I go to work and dark on the way home, to tired to give the wife my bone. Just wana go to the patch, give my nuts a scratch, throw some honey hole dirt, take of my shirt, an take runs to I hurt. No Heathens around, miss that rolling cassette sound, tires ripping on hard ground. The shade of the trees and the cool mountain breeze, makes time freeze. Commander shouts, Tye the knot Ty is out and my foots got the gout..this is what happens when listing to pandora and writing a blog.........lost in a fog shit swear thats it but the time is near when Danial Dhers is here, throwing stunts rolling b@#$$!s chilling with the Heathens, hope the Schmoid keeps breathing!! Keith Schmidt aint shit, and thats it.......

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hollidaysburgh scene report!!

Steven sending the big line


Steve went off so i could get some pics

He went ape shit!!

good little surf spot

I had a company picnic today and these trails were only 12 miles away. So when we left I drug the family down to these woods to see if they were still there after 5yrs since the Heathens last visit. A young gun by the name Steven was there to meet us. The heat wasn't bothering him at all soaked dialed and smelling like a hoagie he sent a couple lines. He said he wasn't riding long and had just jumped the big line the other day for the first time. He sent it for the camera and got broke off on a bail on the third one. It was kick ass thanks man. My kids were pissed cause they wanted to ride and show the Carmichael wanna be what was up. The dirt looked like it was no fun to work with and it was scorched dry. The place was cool with alot of lines but there were few lines running, but a pile of deserted stuff and stuff just not going more then what was?? But lots of street around there and good to see young guns just sending it!!! Go Dig!!

Saturdays Sesh

P mac, macking the patch
ressie rider?

Brake less=foot in the tire at the patch

walk to the top is a bitch!

this guy lost 5lbs sweating it out to get that chip n dale body

Saturday sesh was awesome, I missed most of the stunts but got to enjoy some runs with Andrew and Paul from camp. Always have a good time with those Heathens! It was so Hot here in PA this weekend, good for the trails swear it was the first time we rode since last weekend. Cant wait to dig some dirt this week and get dialed back in!!!!! See you in the patch!!