Sunday, September 29, 2013

August, when the world found McElhattan!

 Vinnie, in good spirits without the spirits
 Seth Klinger
 banging bar ends
 not sure?
 Izzy  miss this dude he went back to Yuma Arizona
 Izzy this years MVR
 This years MVR award, Big thanks to cauliflower tip James Covington for making such a rad seat
 Holy shit!!!  Cory does use a shovel  atleast once a year fixing his case?


 hope this chip n dale pick lands you a house cleaning peter puffing wife bro cause i wana puke

 shit talkers
 Jellow on the lens and fuska in the air

 The Blgians have been the most badass over the pond visitors this year, they know how to party too!


 multiple desenders
 Paul the wild Czech


 Belgian cuisene

Good times!!!  The Heathens have made alot of new friends from all over the world this year.  Pretty crazy, I never thought it would be like this and i wouldnt change it for nothing.  I guess the saying is true "if you build it they will come!"  So Stoked!!!!!!  I have been slacking on the blog doesnt matter cause in 6 days the Halloween Jam 3 man train comp is going down!!!!!!!  So find a costume 2 buds and come out to put it all on the line.  Bands keg and bonfire for after party stay tuned for more updates and details.  Hope to see you in the woods this Saturday!!!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Annual Halloween 3 Man Train comp Trail Jam

Annual Heathens Halloween Jam is October 5th this year.  Winter is right around the corner.  Come celebrate the last weekend the Heathens have to ride there trails this year in a rowdy costume.  We upped the fee to $5 dollars due to the fact the Heathens got to get some goddamn dirt hauled in if we want to ride trails next year or build anything new for that matter.  The land owner requested and now is pretty much "fill the holes and ditches and you can dig and ride again!"  Its hard to build jumps without creating some kind of orifice in the earth?  No worries we are hoping to use some of that money to hire a truck to haul inn dirt for a whole day? We have no problem filling the holes because were super stoked he supports us and continues to let our dream continue.

 As you know we are no rich dudes either so in order to pay the teams we have to ask for money, it all goes to the woods and riders.  Years past 4 out of 5 teams got there money back plus! Pumped to have a fun little event to put some money in some buddies pocket. Its simple really Teams of 3 dudes pay $20 a piece and our judged on style stunts passing costumes and overall kick ass. 1st place pays 40% 2nd 30% 3rd 20% 4th 10% out of that entry fee and door money.  Also best costume will receive a prize.
Camping of course if its not snowing, nights have been 40 degrees at night lately and frost last night.  Can only hope for Indian summer weather yet.  Some bands are in the works and Tommy T is stacking a real American Fire pile for all those pond jumpers that are skeptical on America being land of the free.  Enough bullshit, trails are best they've ever been and we hope to toast and roast with all you October 5th!!!!!!!