Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weekend Warriors........

20-10 patch pimp showin the trail pappy how its done
old man +
first run =
near death experience
get the buck out
commander, i want to punch him in the face and then hug him, sour patch relationship
Amos talks alot works little
test run
I want to shout out to Derrick Brower and Matt Yetter who made it up from Reading to help us out. Sorry it took so long to post this. It means alot that these guys came up to help us dig even though there so far away. Wish we had more diggers our scene is 5 strong. All have full time jobs and 2 our always on the road, guess thats why I like trail jams so much, brings everyone together. This dry weather is supper shitty for diggin but we must press on, and thanks for the fun weekend tourists!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Trails are dry! Havent had a dry spring like this in a long time. It makes dialing the jumps more difficult then it should be. I had more pics but the phone slid out my shirt pocket pandora jammin and into a water hole. It seems this year is going to be a kiss my ass attitude type year? Diggin/ dialan is at a all time low as in hrs and people. Two founding Heathens have been up very little only to change the intro into hips. Excited on it, and concerned to due to major trees in the way for the return. The re work is slow and help is needed along with some steady rain. Only 4 jumps and 1 berm has been re dialed so far, pretty pitifull, Reading boys are going to lend a hand this coming weekend! Super pumped for this and there will be a bonfire Sat night so come out and piss the old head off and have some fun in the patch.