Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Train Jam shots!

These pics came from Bill Mussleman and some more from me. This rain sucks, hope the weather holds out for the Catty raffle/jam this Sunday! Still little wore out from this weekend! Wish people couldve seen the trails the day before the jam. They wouldn't believe that a jam would go down the next day. Thanks again for every ones help to get the trails going. There is alot of ruts and bumps from the jam but The Heathens are going to stack new lines for next year all winter. The Beury Patch will grow at a epidemic rate this off season. So dig session tomorrow? Thats were Ill be come down and flip the soil and shoot the shit!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Shots!!

These pics were sent to me by Micheal Fischer! Pretty Sweet! The Beury yard unfortunately looks like a rutted mud bog, and there wasnt much trash to pick up so that was a pleasant surprise thanks for the respect, I dont think the rutted yard could been avoided, Heathens back on the whips today enjoying the end of a good year!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thank You!!

Wow the Heathens had there backs up against it on this one. Two inches of rain fell the last two days. People came together with four propane tanks and 900 pounds of quickcrete, the unthinkable went down!! The people that came out made it all possible. Thanks! First and foremost I want to thank Fred and Robin Beury(Amos parents) for they have provided the Heathens this wooded sanctuary that the Heathens have turned into a empire of dirt. Thank you Beurys!!!!!!!!!! I would also like to thank the DJ Scrappy for providing his equipment and hanging out with his family. Next Thank You Heathens for helping turn the lizard shit into a awesome day. Thanks to all our sponsers Bobby Parker and Blackout Distribution, FBM bike company, Extent, Camp Woodward, Team Blowing It!, hexxed, The Last People and The Heathens. Also like to thank everyone who attended! Also want to thank my family for putting up with me the last couple weeks and for the wife who waited and made sure everyone signed a waiver! according to the wrist bound count we had over 240 people visit us today! First place team was Cash Money, Brent Hile, Rylan Bennett and Justin Toy winning $360 green backs!! Second place went to Team Finks paint store, James Hawkins, Craig Kleckner, Jordon Houck and $220.00 Third went to the Pittsburgh Men, Mark Potazney, Jackson Allen, and Ryan Popple and $145.00 big ones congrats men!! The weekend getaway winner was Mike Heyers congrats Mike! It was awesome to see so many cool people alot of friends and people I consider family, Im only sorry I couldn't spend more time with you guys. Thanks for every ones patience till we got the stuff running! I had the best time ever thanks enjoy the pics Im going to bed and super relieved its over!! I didnt get many pics so if people could send me some id appreciate it!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday is when the sun comes out! This is driving me nuts with the weather! Good news, The Heathens tarped all the trannys on the contest line, have funds for the Portland cement and have sawdust. With all Heathens getting loose at the bonfire tomorrow night and showing up at 6am on Sunday the trails will be good to go for the jam!!!!!! Its 6;45 and most of the rain seems to just missed us. Ive been watching the rader by the hour and I think that its not going to be to heavy at all here, looks like the rain will be done by mid afternoon tomorrow, i swears Ill be a meteorologist by the end of this weekend! The Heathens even hav dikes in place to divert water if perhaps the rain does get heavy! Good news, Poormans farm has donated another 53 pumpkins for a totally of 87 pumpkins to carve. We may need some help at the bonfire tomorrow night cause Im pumpkin ed out. Our sponsers have come through in a big way:
Bobby Parker at Black out Distribution hooked us up with a shit load of Kink parts!
Team blowing it sent 3 pair of knee pads, and 12 pair of gloves!
Camp Woodward sent 2 pimp book bags, lots of clothing and someones going to walk away with a weekend getaway!!! weekend getaways worth $300 bones!!!!!!!
Props supposed to have a box of goodies!
Extent has some nice shirts!
Heathens have some nice shirts!
FBM has a bunch of goodies showing up with their team!
Alot of prizes arent shown in the picture because we havent picked them up yet. All this stuff is going via 50/50 ticket. everyone who buys a ticket should go home with something. All money from 50/50 goes to pro purse. We want to hook everyone up who attends!! Im feeling real confident on things. Thanks again to all our sponsers! So stay tuned for more information, dont forget your waiver if under 18 we need your parents signature. A down loadable waiver should be on here by tonight!! See you Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jam Moved to Sunday!!!

Due to the weather the Heathens have no choice but to move there jam to Sunday, we have been watching the weather all week hoping the rain would go around or stall out. Mother nature has her strap on pounding the trail scene this weekend that over jealous bitch. The Heathens spent today carving pumpkins and riding the trails. The trails are perfect right now. Heathens busted ass all week to put the patch in perfect condition. Its a shame I know I didnt want to step on any one else that's why we've waited so long to make the call. I hope people still come out. Tomorrow morning tarps go in tyranny's, temporary dikes, and dry dirt will be stock piled in the pull behind. we have 2 torches and are run this Sunday rain or shine! All Heathens will be on deck to whip the patch into prime condition Sunday morning. So come out, big good bye party Saturday night and contest/jam on Sunday it will be same format and all that just a day later. We got to run it this weekend no props or DJ next weekend! Im bummed but i cant control the weather. What do you think the Heathens should do? This will separate the box jump stunter teams from the true blue trail dogs!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Soggy Sunday!!

The Heathens are dealing with a saturated patch right now. The lines that have been running all year should be dry by Wednesday. The 2"s of rain has slumped the new jumps and might make the 30ftr line un salvageable for the contest this Saturday. No worries cause theres plenty of other options available. The Heathens are going to do everything they can to get the new stuff running for the comp. Some backsides are getting vertical for more speed, and less mellowness! The seven day outlook for weather is beautiful untill Friday where it says rain and rain Saturday but that's a long ways away. If it were to rain Saturday it will be held on the 31st, Halloween! This would be unfortunate interfering with trick er treating and who wants to miss that!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hot Dogs + Athlete Recovery Fund = A Good Thing

Watch this video and Ball Park Franks will donate a Buck to the Athlete Recovery Fund

"Want to contribute to the Athlete Recovery Fund? Ball Park Franks has stepped up and agreed to donate $1 each time this video is viewed in it’s entirety, up to $100,000. So forward this video to your friends, family and everyone you know and you will help raise money for the Athlete Recovery Fund. Special thanks to Ball Park Franks, Alli, Alliance of Action Sports and TransWorld Media for help in making this happen."

CLICK HERE to get the video embed code for your site spread the word

Rain Finally Stops!!!!

fall soil from Clint Reynolds on Vimeo.

Whoa............ I didnt think the rain was ever going to stop! Calling for warmer tempatures and sunny skies next couple of days. All the Trails here in the North East are going to need every minute of sunshine to get ready for all the upcoming jams next weekend. The Heathens will be in full force this week dialing the patch. Everyones stoked on it, we will need some help in carving 60 pumpkins Thursday night and Friday. We recieved another prize package from Team Blowing it! Stoked!! Sets of knee pads, and lots of gloves! I run these knee pads and there the best, take it from a old ass who rolls the windows down more then he should.. Thanks Guys!! I got alot of questions from the last post, sweet that that many people take the time to check it out! I wrote some things that I probally shouldnt have. The Panamoka Jam obviously had to be rescheduled due to weather, what I didnt know was that scene has park jam the next day Sunday so they couldnt schedule there trail jam then. It has to be on Saturday. Sucks, I cant be in two places at one time nor can anyone else. I blow up easy, and thats me and at first thought there was something else going on and overlooked the good thing. That two awesome events are going down and hooking up tons of riders with cool prizes! So my apoligies to anyone I offended, So here is a kickass video that Clint Reynolds has over at his site, This is one of the best trail edits Ive seen all year!!! Well done Clint sick threes!! So good, and crazy that all three sets of trails in here are in the same state and same county!! Un real scene!! Stay tuned for patch updates and conditions for the upcoming Jam and contest this Saturday the 24th in McElhatten!! Im reasurred the turnout is going to be good and the bonfire party afterwards will be one not to miss!! Camping available on site. Call Amos Beury at 570-295-3210 for questions

Friday, October 16, 2009

Winter Weather

When it snows to Woodward Heathens go!!
snot rocket + high five(wish the pic was better it was money)

Ron little dick White 3 table!

Rylan, Mr. Lot 8 dialer

Shrek, to bad his pink panty pull down game isnt this good

Well the weather sucks outside!! To wet and cold for dialing dirt so of to Woodward!! I get a taste of the holly land a couple times of year thanks to my fellow brothers that work there. Amos missed out and he shouldn't have, cause I didn't fall once. The Heathens are reeling in some big bangers, all in all it was a good time untill a facebook message of Panamoka trail jam moving their date to the 24th of October! That's the Heathens jam man! Little bummed on this stupidy. Why not run it on the 25th? Cause there is one or two faggots that wanna mess shit up for us. You guys will get your face messed up when we cross paths guaranteed! Its all good cause we should still have a good turnout considering all the cool stuff we have to raffle off and that 3 teams are going to get paid. There is alot of people from the area coming to watch which will help pump up the purse! Indian summer next week 60 pumpkins to carve, Bonfire is stacked and huge, stage for DJ needs built but we are ready. Camping is available and alot of single ladies will be impaired and need some snuggling in the night to stay warm!! Still cant beleive that people would reschedule a event on anothers event! People should read the farmers almanac to plan ahead! Pissed and pumped like a bomb to go off, cant wait hope to see you all there at our Jam were not asking for nothing but smiles, good times, and filling your wallet with some easy money!! Get some!!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Awesome session on Sunday a certain rectangular head even made an appearance after being absent for nearly half a decade. Several dudes picked up the camera to capture the fun. Enjoy the photos