Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Days!!!

Another cover shot for the shrek, how can you deny that?
Blazing Blazina(Lumberjack)

Click this, and look at his mug happy days!

Look at this guy too, happy times!

Mad Mike leading the herd


AS Ice Cube would say, "Today was a good day." Good little session with a tardy appearance from Shrek to stun the patch. Working it out all over the patch, thats why hes the patchs MVR!
No Commander today, hes home and at Woodward. I guess Amos will be the new Commander now, probably not. Ill be at the patch tomorrow around 9 all day digging and riding come on down and chill. Besides the battery died in my med alert and I may may fall and break a hip. Leave a comment yah lazy Bastards!


Brent said...

Come ride! The trails are so good right now.

Anonymous said...

generator night sessions? yes please! after the trail jam. lets have a last man standing circuit sesh under the lights =]