Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Last of riding the Heathens Trails in 2013

 Adam Guillams
 Team Belgium
 Adam Ginch
 Garrett Ginch

Last day the trails were ridden was the day after the jam.  I know its been awhile but work and family shit keeps me real busy.  I didn't take alot of pics because i was there just for a little bit.  The woods kicked the shit out of me the day before.  Ginch bros and Belgians along with Amos and Toy and some big bastard in a cast we call Shrek kept the blue groove going for one more day.  It was a splendid year with lots of fresh faces stopping  in and couple new piles were created along with all the kinks worked out allowing all lines to run as they were dreamt.
   I want to Thank Fred and Robin Beury for allowing us to keep the dream alive and to continue to support us and our dreams.  With there support and help along with the whole Beury family we are able to host some pretty sweet jams.  Also to all the guys who lent a hand from here and there.  We got alot of help this year from out of townees and it doesn't go unappreciated.  Thank you.  I would also like to thank FBM Bikes, they have supported us and the jams from day one.  so a big thanks to them for that and for building a frame that can withstand my sketchy bails and tree collision's.  Also there is a couple Heathens who put there heart and soul into these trails, Jarret Kahle / Tyson Barner / Amos Beury / Ryan McKenney / Christan Johns / Brent Hile   They do it because they LOVE it!

So with this year coming to a close, I thank everyone who stopped for a visit, sesh, camp out and dig  It keeps me stoked on life!  Hope to see you all next year

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Heathens Halloween Jam Pictorial 33...better late then never

 Good times, still smiling.  Weather cant stop a good time.

 Look out
 Cowboy horse legs Doug killed it all day
 Clip Nasty?

 broke Acl man and the live female Toy
 Yazzy gone wild

 Joe Nazark took the win for best trick on the 30 after rain out for the bank
 stoke boosters
 more stoke boosters

 the prince Will Herman

 Will Hermans killed it at both Jams Patch pimp at The mountain jam taking him from prince to King by claiming big air in a washed out mess
Super stoked on winning the down payment for his new Porsche i introduce the world to rookie sensation Joe Nazerak (spelling?) lol best trick winner in the wash out

Another awesome Halloween Jam!!  No train contest due to weather and alcohol, but it was a kickass time none the less.  Pics are random and not sure where to giv the credit but good job.  Thanks to everyone who came out camped, dialed, rode and pass out it was wicked good time like all the rest.  Trails are closed for the year now.  The OGs can return after archery and do some cleaning and sneak a couple runs if weather permits?  Cant wait till next year

Friday, October 4, 2013

20 HRS till Jam time....

 Cory Foust, i give him alot shit, cant spell his name right, but he is a good dude and its all in good fun. Come out tomorrow where he will be signing autographs and doing photo opps
Dont be this guy!!!!!  No need to walk across trannys when there is a direct path in the gaps of jumps
 Commander launching 30 ftr
 Jarrett schmoid and dickbag
 Ryan Yazzie, good dude who ive been lucky enough to ride with the last 12 yrs here and there all over PA
 look as she gobbles the beef stick, he is stoked on it
 Amos and the 30
 living proof that Justin KImmel has jumped the deuce deuce
 and the 30
 Cory on the 30
 Little Lew inspecting the berm
 again showtime Cory
 Maintenance crew

Tomorrow is gona be rad!!!!!!!!   Parking is going down in the field like last jam.  Got sign a waiver!!!! pay the cover/3 man train purse fee and get in and shred!   The Beurys are cooking food for sale at the house all day.  Best Costume prize and contest is going down around 4pm.  costumes encouraged.  After party at the Tompound with camping 3 bands and real American FIRE!!  HOPE DOESN'T MELT THE POWER LINES  any rate byob damnit gonna look at getting people to pitch for kegs for after party as well maybe?  dont shit in my yard dogs love rolling it it and I cant explain how bad of a job that is to give him a bath!!   weather is spoty but so far so good with rain everywhere but here so far, fingers crossed and i have a full report tomorrow am at 7   I think we will be alright sunshining and im off to take some runs.......