Thursday, October 17, 2013

Heathens Halloween Jam Pictorial 33...better late then never

 Good times, still smiling.  Weather cant stop a good time.

 Look out
 Cowboy horse legs Doug killed it all day
 Clip Nasty?

 broke Acl man and the live female Toy
 Yazzy gone wild

 Joe Nazark took the win for best trick on the 30 after rain out for the bank
 stoke boosters
 more stoke boosters

 the prince Will Herman

 Will Hermans killed it at both Jams Patch pimp at The mountain jam taking him from prince to King by claiming big air in a washed out mess
Super stoked on winning the down payment for his new Porsche i introduce the world to rookie sensation Joe Nazerak (spelling?) lol best trick winner in the wash out

Another awesome Halloween Jam!!  No train contest due to weather and alcohol, but it was a kickass time none the less.  Pics are random and not sure where to giv the credit but good job.  Thanks to everyone who came out camped, dialed, rode and pass out it was wicked good time like all the rest.  Trails are closed for the year now.  The OGs can return after archery and do some cleaning and sneak a couple runs if weather permits?  Cant wait till next year

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