Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial DAy MAdness!!!!!!

Commander giving the patch pappy a breather....
wonderfull woods!
grandma loves sausage!
Ohio shredders payed us a visit to bad trails are still wet,
get the buck out
ohio shedder, swell knee
Shane the tit sculpter
Amos on the new snake run at Camp Woodward sooooo fast!!
Old ass Mackelhaney getting shit done sorry bout the spelling,

Zack Big Dick Worden!
Second time anyones hit this ramp half finished, one big glass of don't give a fuck and a roll in!
Snake run is fun.....

Its been a busy weekend The Heathens are having a hell of a time this year with all this rain, was nice to go to camp were theres always shredabilities no matter what. Lots of bickering and dickering pissed off Heathens cause shits not done and not many contributors to the sculpting process, imagine that? But the Ole Gs are still smacking shit out so come out and eat a spicy dog drink a cold one and help a Heathen mold one!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who's Digging?

face says it all......
some spit and some swallow, nothing to do with nothing heres the weather report
Aids dirt, freshly hauled the commander calls it Aids dirt because of the small pebbles, FUCT!
Aww very nice, five hours of wrist swelling, just kidding. The Commander does some of the best work in the patch. When you see him this summer give him high five, just make sure he takes his gloves off first.