Sunday, May 27, 2012

Last Weekend, better late then never!

 pipe layer
 2010 patch pimp
 grill master
 he hates dirty tires
 he does dig a little bit
 cliff hanger
bad pic

I have a feeling this year is going to be real wet, sucks I can remember the Minnersville jams were held on this weekend.  Of lately it has been taking longer to get trails up to par, mainly because the new generation is lazy and xbox addicted.  Our spot has been real slow going but what gets close to ridable gets rode when we can.  Who knows what the weather will do !  Get the runs in when you can!  And go help your local woods!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Suck it up Sunday!

 little wet.....
 its ok
 amos dusted off his bike...
 because he told his boss we had rails for his four pegs?!(look at the tire mark skid carve? didnt have such knarly hips in the 80s, i guess?)
 feels good to be in da woods
 miss guided missles...
 new no footers?.....
 o man....

 wtf? cheers Ryan fresh Grad from Penn Tech!!!!

 new hips line...

 toe dragger
 redemption on his creation
 look at my buck.....
 old men are always #1, but thanks and its not bucky
 vert rider turned dirt dialer
this weekend stack n ride????????

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Patch Preperations

X games medal winner / vert rider dirt dialer
step up underway
new hip befor step up, hip is mean this year
dirt bowl dialin
wtf wheelbarrow breast feeding
Totally redesigned hips line

Its a slow process, re doing the trails for 3 people.  Weve had couple guys come giv a hand that arent locals.  Super pumped on the vert rider dirt dialer losing the muffin top shovels on the reg.  2011 patch pimp came over before going back to Chicago, all in all its finally coming together now with the rain.  Little too much rain forcasted for this week so get amongst it, nothen pisses off trail tenders more then locals being a no show through the dig season but coming around when its running.  Local staple rule in effect this year no dig no ride....