Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Better Late Then Never

big shovel
go deep!
honor students
My whole crew so stoked to be a Dad! its rad
my boy!
the other one
P-Mac keeping it fresh
My favorite shot!!!
My Daughter!!
Awesome Dawson!
absent Amos
Jessie venture
you can get rad on big wheels three but only needs two, stunting!!!
Tysons angel
whoah crazy horse!!
too fast for the D-40
past life he was a bird
old man first person calls him out gets $$20 bones, in change of course
take em both off!
Rad, Ryan
don't remember this guys name
blurry WTF why did this douche post this pic???? ,,and I wrote caption??
Dakota show
I Love The Patch!!
nice ass
Removable brake mounts suck for trails! big stop= broke breaks
Justin don't give a fuck tucking toy
dumb bastard
Shrek-- new handle in the patch is "Conan the barbarian" anyone have a spare leather head band? heard he's lookin
planting seeds
Jump first aid..
cant miss them, yes there is three??? WTF??
watering seeds

-R- Rated -R- do not read upon these lies and propaganda if under 18!

Ive been slacking on the posts lately but i haven't even had time to wipe my ass lately! Sucks!!! Cant keep up with the Heathens they're out there splitting shit right down the middle chipping bitches teeth, an shit!! Whoo hoo tearing it up. Now that I've wasted every ones 45 seconds they could've been wiping there ass i think ill crank one out typing does make the hands soft.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

P-macs Back!!!!!!!!!!!

p mac coolin off
Daily dialers.........
setting sun,

Heathens are spreading there seed on the west coast, maybe a future build for westerners to roast. Commander is on the road earning sum dough doing rise above shows and P-mac is here for the summer!! Good times lay ahead the crew is steady and trails are almost ready! Stoked..

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Sundays!!!!!!

Tyson, last year rested Heathen tested 100% vested!
Grand Grandma,
Whoah....... hoochie haunchin!!!!!!
lend a hand
o yeah up and atemm


Team work
Grandma, ?????????????
Dakota Show
Big Willie
far away..........
shovel power hour
on the way to freshness like a vagasle wipe
Heathen style................Split Down The Middle
Are You Ready???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is one of the longest cheesiest blogs Ive ever written but Ive been Molson Bitten, so wish you had those 30 seconds back, I love my wifes rack!