Monday, June 30, 2014

Mother Fucking Hot Monday

 This knee rehabber is a clutch digger, he has helped the patch come along way in a short time this year
 Quads on 30ftr line, this line has been renamed to "Junior High Drama"
 Boosty another big time player in the patch up the patch game, hes got a mean dip slap
 pitter, patter
 Lip inspector Lew checking on the ramp riders skills
Big Daddy got gassed in the heatwave today.  Alot shit got done big thanks to those shown here, we even got some runs in tonight.

Blue groove jam July 12th  Nothen fancy just a camp out, blow shit up get together to ride the lines in before the big show  -
The Annual Kick Ass Heathen Mountain Jam will be August 9th this year!  Mark your calenders now!!!  Big air, best trick, most laps etc. You've been here or at least heard of that heathen jam, this is it

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Split but still stacking shit

 This year has been tough in the patch.  Commander jarret has let go because of dumb rules and put his time and skills into Woodward camps dirt along with Tyson.  Amos has been around the most.  I work way too Fucking much.  Ryan moved back to New Media near Filthadalphia building a rad new spot.  Christan Johns also moved away.  So the patch is on slow mo.
Commander Bronzing at Woodward Dirt
The Patch, we have the lines down the middle done.  30 footer line still needs done along with 98 degrees .  Swazzy needs tires on it.  Big thanks to Zack Worden, Andrew Fox, Kody Beartholot and all the other guys who have helped this year and helped ride stuff in. 

 I forsee a jam in the near future, stay tuned for the loosest trail jam dates.