Sunday, December 2, 2012

Halloween Jam 2012

 This dog loved pissing in my beer
 Cody Krugar pulled this one but front wheel cased another time shattering his stem!!
 Boom man highest airs of the day

 Commander dangling stanky leg
Allister Whitton best costume

Jam was awesome i know this is real late, to say the least but i didnt want these couple pics getting wasted.
(sorry about the misspell Alister Whitton?)
Trails are closed till March see you next year!!

Friday, October 5, 2012



 IN the meantime we patched up the black whale,

 Cory Foust stopped in, (spelled wrong)

 Magic smoke
 Foust doing Big things and off to Texas unable to make jam next weekend, bummer and good luck homie!

Jam will go down next Saturday!!!!!  Weather tomorrow is wet and the trails will be no fun with any more wetter weather,  WTF DID I JUST WRITE?  Weather report to come,

Monday, October 1, 2012


Magic place

This blog was stubborn as hell?? shits all over the place.  Real good time, I think the Welcome Jam is a legendary jam that continues its smiles, high fives and everlasting memories for those it are privileged enough to attend.  This was the best event i attended in a long time, thanks Pam Marty Mark and Mike and everyone else who had anything to do with this great time!!

 Ryan McKinney "grandma"

 James Hawkins likes a little science
 Mark Potoz getting taming the wild man
 Glenn Johnson rules,........enough said
 Christin Heathen
 Ron "Im so fit" White, rode the whole place, hats off to yah bubba
 Mark turning down dirty pants

Mr. Aloise

 Mark loves Science

 James opened up the big air on the quarter......

 Little guy kept my mind right all day,

 Wheres Yeagle?
 Un real super good turnout,
 Theres some kick ass dads in Pittsburgh
 Ronnie Napolitan killed the Quarter   thats 10+ feet son
 Dave Dilla-wadd
 had to post these apes
 Ronnie has been on a trend of "kick ass"  lately
 Wert, blue shirt
 Mike calling them out

This dude didnt giv a shit, he was pretty dialed too i believe he was the unsponsered rider winner

 Josh wild pony stunt rider/big air dirt dialer
 Werts winning run?
 ?? Kris Fox
 Bobby Valentine and best friend really put on a stellar show

Fall is here, get your runs in because I feel this winter is gonna be a rough one compared to those of yesteryear The Welcome Jam was the Best one all year!  Those people are sweet as sugar, big thanks to Mark and Mike and most important Marty and Pam for letting this legendary circus continue in there front yard, real special time.  It was a blast Heathen trail jam this Saturday dont miss it!!!!!!!