Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boxes of 50/50 prizes showing up!!

Dont be a turkey and come to the jam!!
Amos the patch wrangler

Pine tree removal, Ryan dug the skin off his hands

Shrek giv that extra 190lbs of WTF



Hope she makes it, nice placement!

The uphill struggle

Day 1


Day 2

Wow, Heathens moving dirt the patch is ready to ride tomorrow and Bobby Parker from blackout distribution sent a box full of Kink parts for the 50/50!!! Awesome!! Every part to build a bike minus wheels, forks, and frame. This stuff is sweet!! I may have to buy some tickets. And remember you got to pay to play $1 ticket or $10.00 a sleeve. I have heard some big time players are planning on attending, Again blown away at that package from Mr. Parker and Blackout!! Thanks, you will make alot of dudes stoked with the goods! The patch is getting worked with decent turnouts to flip the soil and tie the 30 footer into the dirt bowl to get into the new line. This is defiantly going to be a big time line! Heathens transplanting pines Tommy T spinning rhymes shrek breaking shovels and Ron building up a whip with people spare parts! Every things good in the patch right now. Where is the Jersey Shore crew? Cant wait to ride tomorrow an dig. Think Im going to ride the BMX 10miles to the patch. You should see this Crue Jones route, threw towns, cornfields, super high half dismantled train bridges and dirt roads recapturing my youth! See you in the patch!

Awesome Gypsy Bonus Footage

Credenced bonus 2009 Gypsy 2our from Clint Reynolds on Vimeo.

Extra Gypsy Footage featuring some rad clips of Nutter riding the patch on a scooter watch and enjoy.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wild Weather

Look at the root busting form!!
Whipping winds should allow mad runs on Wednesday

All these tools need a hand

This is what a inch and a half of rain will do to your hole.

Well i Showed up to the patch this morning at 10sh am to find Ron motha fuking White with two full wheelbarrows of sloppy shit. The digging only continued for about a hour when the sky opened up with another downpour. We left I went home for a good unloading of baby batter and a nap to awake to sunny skies and whipping winds. Off to the patch for a good dig sesh and a interesting conversation with momma Beury, Amos get your shit together!, I love the patch!!! The whistling winds have really dried things out like a miracle. In other news while flipping thru numerous web pages full of Bmx a saw a underground cookie cutter named Hennessey doing flips?! Awesome! Amazing new shit from interbike. Now if I could only win the lottery.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Washout Weekend

Well Friday in the patch was a awesome good time waves were flawless that led to some epic ground breaking, surfing. Which was seen in the last post. The Bakers came into town friday night and had a bonfire in Tommy Ts yard, only to wake and head thru Amish Pa Dutch country to Camp Woodward. The NBL nad a triple points national there and for a more then fare fee you could ride the rock, outdoor street and little dirt. Too bad the rain came an hour and a half after we paid but the kids had fun with what time they had. I was shocked to see the race cancelled due to rain!! What happend to bicycle moto cross? When i was racing many moons ago we raced rain or shine snow and sleet!! To me the NBL is turning into money hungry pussies. To dangerous I was told!? Road bikers race in the rain!! I lost alot of respect for race directors and organizers after witnessing this spectacle of sheep. The rain caused the three outdoor areas to close as well funneling everyone into the one building Lot 8. It was a sight to see! I was little upset Woodward didnt open anything else for all the people that paid the $35 to ride. No worries the Heathens came thru and opened the school to thin the heard. It was still overcrowded with chaos though. Coolest part of the whole day was getting in Cloud 9 VIP style courtesy of Kelly Baker with the owner of Woodward so our kids and family could get out of the over populated mayhem. Kellys kids are tight with Evar, Eds grandson and they all had a ball riding in there with just Jeremiah and Andy Buckworth. Mr. Buckworth is a dialed dude sending all the bangers for our entertainment and trying to earn himself a lipslide!! It was a good time despite the inch of rain. Its now Sunday and still raining causing the patch to be a swamp Im sure.. We will see who gives a shit this week and shows up to move the soil cause they know the trails arent running. Always funny how that goes. see you in the patch!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fire it out Friday!

30 footer in the back

same shit different rider


Ryan aka grandma

ending so close, but okay



Frontys table

straight up dont give a ......what!

ok the jam/comp is still on and today was crazy!! Heathens went above what I expected, frontys with no lid!! 360 flip to pancakes and 30 footer earthquake cases!! Tyson the first Lieutenant was so pissed about the Commander taking his leave blower home before he left on the road he was firing frontys solid and nice!! Everything he threw was nice, and he threw alot. Amos and mad Mike sent the 30 footer to case which I was so stoked!!!!!!!!!!!! People are sending it!! Ron was riding good and took a couple nice shots with the camera. Better mention that or well sure hear about it. Commander thats messed about the leave blower. its middle of Fall!! Trails were running sweet tonight and the Heathens were stunting big time, so its Camp Woodward tomorrow with the Bakers cant wait to see my kids face!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


thats what it looks like from the top of the 30footer backside
mach 3!!

is it tight?

no excuses commander.

Well the Heathens got a little shit done and took a little today. check it out We didn't mean to steal any ideas or take anything from anyone. The last time i was around some of the main diggers this idea was talked about and swore i got a thumbs up. Any rate there is no profit for us in this comp/jam! The cover, entry fees, and 50/50 tickets sales go into the purse. We wanted to have a fun jam with a contest that would have a big money payout!! We couldn't think of any other way to gain enough money for a decent purse, so this is what we came up with. Payout is 50% to 1st place, 30% for second, and 20% for third! Hopefully people buy lots of raffle tickets cause there will lots of kick ass prizes given away. We would like to donate the proceeds from the refreshments to pawoods. The Heathens wanted to put a fun comp/jam together that gave back to the people who attend that's all! Flash tells me no worries so I feel a lot better and hope to see a Catty team come win it all! We didn't mean to piss anyone off, but its hard to do when your a Heathen.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Train competition flyer

Its a go and more companies are jumping on the wagon as I type this! Team Blowing It has just said they are down to throw in some kickass stuff for the event and many more are in the works. A big thanks to Brad Hawkins for putting this flyer together! Stay tuned as showtime gets closure for more sponsers and information! So pumped on this so far, everythings moving along smoothly wich is kinda scary. Lets hope for good weather so this epic event can unfold!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trucking Dirt............

stay tuned for the ending
30 footer back side dialed!!

High speed Berm

McElhatten Canal

Send it

too many pics?

Schmoid doin it

Commander enjoying his box jump super stunter lifestyle!!

..........and no shirts was the scene in the patch today. The weather was so hot and humid and the bugs!! I hosed myself with a shit load of bug spray! The infamous 30 footer in Jarretts line is going to have a end finally!! We've moved alot dirt and alot of dialing to turn a prairie field of grass into a line. Alot of sweat still needs to go into this but theres no doubt in my mind it cant be running by next week. I might just send it tomorrow! The Train comp will sure be interresting with this addition leading in and out of the dirt bowl. all those comments got me stoked that dudes check this out and enjoy the tidbits, thanks I enjoy the feed back. So the NBL Nationals are at Woodward East this weekend and i understand its $50bones to ride all three days. little dirt, lot 8, the cage, and the rock i could be off but tomorrows post will clear that up. Cant wait to see the flyer mastermind Hawkins has come up with. So will see you at Woodward this weekend and the patch is 30minutes away so you should hit that shit hole up while your in the mid Pennsylvania mountain's!!

Good Times and Old Faces

Once you get a good taste of BMX in your blood, you can walk away but I guarantee you will return. Ron White was in the patch loving it riding someone elses bike. Now he is fit as a horse so who knows what will happen. Ive been real stoked coming to the patch and seeing fresh faces. Heathen Dakota and Baldy have been bringing back the lost. Crack baby was in the patch loving it and surprised me with some stunts. Ryan was also in the woods yelling the whole way through sets, and yes Brent was also throwing every trick he has flips whips and stiff upper lips. Cory Foust taught me some camera tips and couldn't get that 3 tuck. Well im off to dig in the patch dial the 30footer landing so no more excuses. You bastards need to leave comments call me a fag or anything to fuel the fire so i can get pumped about writing this everyday!