Friday, September 25, 2009

Fire it out Friday!

30 footer in the back

same shit different rider


Ryan aka grandma

ending so close, but okay



Frontys table

straight up dont give a ......what!

ok the jam/comp is still on and today was crazy!! Heathens went above what I expected, frontys with no lid!! 360 flip to pancakes and 30 footer earthquake cases!! Tyson the first Lieutenant was so pissed about the Commander taking his leave blower home before he left on the road he was firing frontys solid and nice!! Everything he threw was nice, and he threw alot. Amos and mad Mike sent the 30 footer to case which I was so stoked!!!!!!!!!!!! People are sending it!! Ron was riding good and took a couple nice shots with the camera. Better mention that or well sure hear about it. Commander thats messed about the leave blower. its middle of Fall!! Trails were running sweet tonight and the Heathens were stunting big time, so its Camp Woodward tomorrow with the Bakers cant wait to see my kids face!!


Anonymous said...

so glad your still having the comp!!

Anonymous said...

partied with flip from albies an brandon dosch at bdocshes house last nite !! good time passed out in a dialed r v at 4 an woke up at 9 ........the leaf blower was my grams ,, amos cant mix gas an i dint wanna hav to replace it !! tell amos to by 1 an lern some tricks!!! miss u guys _Jarret

Ron White said...

Oh man this was such a good day. I couldn't stop riding. I was so dead tired and kept just walking back up the hill. Felt so good. I need to get a dome lid so I can run the other lines without fear lol. But hips is a blast I didn't mind running that as much as I did lol.