Sunday, September 13, 2009

Whoa Pittsburgh!!!

Huge Transfer!! Mark Potazny=good times!!
This was supposed to be 28ft gap looked like 35!

Captain badass

Garrett Boost!!

Mr. Mike Cottle=fun

Legend Kelly Baker!!

Host with the most

Wert defiantly rides with his balls out!!!

Wow, what a weekend! KB showed up on the doorstep at 11pm Friday for a high five and a twelve pack killing, only to wake up and head to Pittsburgh at 8am. Slow going nothing but construction the whole way, it was nice not to drive once this year! Thanks KB. Map Quest sent us to a cow path, Cottle saved the day with directions sweet!! Mark and his family really did a good job on everything. I was a little shocked by the open arms, high fives and radness!! Good dudes in in the steel city!! It was a good day of riding with what I thought was a huge turnout. You would go threw the little line too the back only to find 30 dudes waiting for what? to hit the big 6. They felt good, but the bangers were down the hill. Science was this crazy high jump with two ways in, one way out. The lip was a easy 8ft high and dudes were roasting 20 ft up on the monster so mean. There was a even bigger line on the bottom side of science that was just sick. I had a super good time till I hit the stump, big bag of shit was the outcome on that one. Foust and Brent were macking ladies and riding a little bit. Thanks for the assistance Shrek!! They had a sweet 50/50raffle and a high jump contest on science that was awesome!! It was so close not sure how you judge that shit. Everyone went huge. Doyle stumbled around with his new bling. The bands were pretty good and the new video is defiantly worth picking up. I had a rad time and thanks to everyone who made it happen it was one I wont forget.


mike said...

fuck yeah man this weekend was bad to the bone hope your leg gets better asap i will throw up some photo on my blog this week good metting you

Anonymous said...

Hey spadesandflats,

Farmboy Trails jam on September 27th. Get to Russell, PA 16345 and look for the BMX JAM sign. Everything is tarped and ready to go. Let your crew know. Check out if you need to get a hold of us. Hope to see you guys.


Anonymous said...

yo I lost your number. What s up with your leg, shit looks like it is going to fall off.