Sunday, September 20, 2009

Train Contest October 24th!!!!

The Heathens 1984
Eric Vasquez

Landowner, aka: schmoid

walk back to the top

Paul McRenolds

Andrew Fox

Sorry its been awhile since a update. The Heathens have been super busy, totally smoothing out the patch and adding new stuff, and finally finishing the new line. Now that im laid off that should be done in two weeks just in time for the contest!!!! We are going to have a contest the 24th of October. It will be a regular trail jam with a $2 cover. The competitors that enter the contest will have to pay $20 a head. All the money goes towards the purse! I would like to have enough people enter to pay out to the top three teams. There is also a fifty/fifty drawing with Heathen shirts and FBM products. You can get tickets for a dollar that day. All the money from the tickets also goes to the purse! All procedes are going to the contestents. #3 man teams will get three runs from top to bottom being judged on style, passing, stunts, and costumes!! The contest will probally run at three and afterwards it will return to a jam format into the darkness. Heathens are going all out for this one.. Props is also probably going to make it out hopefully. I hope by the time of the jam we can have a couple more bike companies on board! Hard to say not everyones as cool as FBM!! There will be 40 pumpkins carved and lighting up the patch with painted lips and tikie torches for after dark runs so stoked. Also $1 dollar PBRs $1 dollar dogs and burgers!!! Hope you can make it out!

In other news the Farm boy trails are having a jam September 27th in Russell Pa 16345 look for the trail jam signs, more info at These guys are kick ass and they have real nice trails that not a lot of people know about. It will be a good time!! Stay tuned for info on the upcoming contest!!

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