Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trucking Dirt............

stay tuned for the ending
30 footer back side dialed!!

High speed Berm

McElhatten Canal

Send it

too many pics?

Schmoid doin it

Commander enjoying his box jump super stunter lifestyle!!

..........and no shirts was the scene in the patch today. The weather was so hot and humid and the bugs!! I hosed myself with a shit load of bug spray! The infamous 30 footer in Jarretts line is going to have a end finally!! We've moved alot dirt and alot of dialing to turn a prairie field of grass into a line. Alot of sweat still needs to go into this but theres no doubt in my mind it cant be running by next week. I might just send it tomorrow! The Train comp will sure be interresting with this addition leading in and out of the dirt bowl. all those comments got me stoked that dudes check this out and enjoy the tidbits, thanks I enjoy the feed back. So the NBL Nationals are at Woodward East this weekend and i understand its $50bones to ride all three days. little dirt, lot 8, the cage, and the rock i could be off but tomorrows post will clear that up. Cant wait to see the flyer mastermind Hawkins has come up with. So will see you at Woodward this weekend and the patch is 30minutes away so you should hit that shit hole up while your in the mid Pennsylvania mountain's!!


Anonymous said...

the texas rattlesnake , hahah we got a bogus roon with a brokin toilet so we pissed an shit in it an got a different room ,, hhahaha should smell good after matanating over nite,, hahaha !! dunno if ill be home this weekend or not .. nice berm _jarret

Anonymous said...

texas rattlesnake austin 3:16 wants to stone cold stun you into the 30 footer's new landing.


Anonymous said...

shits looking good. texas rattle snake? hahaha. Peaches bustin some cream

Ron White said...

I'll be up to help you guys dig that bitch by the end of the week.