Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boxes of 50/50 prizes showing up!!

Dont be a turkey and come to the jam!!
Amos the patch wrangler

Pine tree removal, Ryan dug the skin off his hands

Shrek giv that extra 190lbs of WTF



Hope she makes it, nice placement!

The uphill struggle

Day 1


Day 2

Wow, Heathens moving dirt the patch is ready to ride tomorrow and Bobby Parker from blackout distribution sent a box full of Kink parts for the 50/50!!! Awesome!! Every part to build a bike minus wheels, forks, and frame. This stuff is sweet!! I may have to buy some tickets. And remember you got to pay to play $1 ticket or $10.00 a sleeve. I have heard some big time players are planning on attending, Again blown away at that package from Mr. Parker and Blackout!! Thanks, you will make alot of dudes stoked with the goods! The patch is getting worked with decent turnouts to flip the soil and tie the 30 footer into the dirt bowl to get into the new line. This is defiantly going to be a big time line! Heathens transplanting pines Tommy T spinning rhymes shrek breaking shovels and Ron building up a whip with people spare parts! Every things good in the patch right now. Where is the Jersey Shore crew? Cant wait to ride tomorrow an dig. Think Im going to ride the BMX 10miles to the patch. You should see this Crue Jones route, threw towns, cornfields, super high half dismantled train bridges and dirt roads recapturing my youth! See you in the patch!


Anonymous said...

better get that blue groove in before the comp!!

Anonymous said...

you better get the balls to send this bitch before the the comp, pussy!

Anonymous said...

whats this countryside ride deal, caravan on blocks?? >flyin ryan<

Anonymous said...

look at amos face in that pic with brent,,, an y is amos nvr diggin in ne pics ??? see u saturday maybe....! jarret