Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Leave Blowers Rule!!
listen these are great run some plastic waterline hose for a 100ft to a garden hose down hill and..... have hose action!!!

Shrek feet

Grandma likes big bars

Click on this photo! Look at my dog balled up under the sprocket, Leash them up!!

Geoffffff slaughter it

BF nac nac three! Crazy!!

I dont know this kids name?

Kie Ashworth the Best time of year for trails! Little more maintenance, but the rides worth it. The Heathens havent been the same since the Belmar. Commander got called a pussy on a street sesh, straight up knocked the punk out at a redlight thru the window!!! Shrek has been whipping everything in the patch! Ryan aka Grandma is loving his new big ape bars and running over my dumb dog, and the rest of the crew is still enjoying the hazy memories. There is talk of a BIG TIME OCTOBER TRAIL JAM, with moonlight, carved pumpkins, tikie torches and costumes. It would be sweet to hold a team train contest with cash money prizes. Drop your opinion in the comment section at the bottom on this idea. Pittsburgh is blowing up their woods this weekend, awesome tri fecta trail jam in effect!! Will be a kick ass time! Thursday night into Friday morning heavy rain in PA, tarp em up!! Its time to finish the new line at the patch for the train team comp, so get to the patch, mount up and toss it out, damn almost cant call it the new line anymore!!


Anonymous said...

FUCK YEAH DUDES!!! Get That comp on the BALL! teams get 3 runs on each line. teams of three riders. LETS GET LOOSE. BOOZIN' AND CRUZIN'


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