Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ARE You Ready!.................

The Heathens are almost Belmar bound!! One last round to throw myself down!! Cant wait its like a family reunion for me. The mini van is full of heavy hitters and hell raisers! Anyone else wants to go meet at Tommy Ts at 5 on Friday(NO LATER) thats when the convoy rolls out, north bound with the hammer down!! In other news it was a good sesh in the patch tonight, cool peeps filled the patch to ride into the sunset. New T's will be available at the Belmar $13 bones a piece, limited number so get while the gettings good! Big thanks to Matt Treivel at Axelrad for putting the mess together!! Check those guys out at So get your runs in and ready to go for the FBM Belmar show!!! Also Catty woods is having a fundraiser jam for their legit trails on Sunday so fill the tank this weekend is going to be one to remember!!

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