Monday, September 28, 2009

Wild Weather

Look at the root busting form!!
Whipping winds should allow mad runs on Wednesday

All these tools need a hand

This is what a inch and a half of rain will do to your hole.

Well i Showed up to the patch this morning at 10sh am to find Ron motha fuking White with two full wheelbarrows of sloppy shit. The digging only continued for about a hour when the sky opened up with another downpour. We left I went home for a good unloading of baby batter and a nap to awake to sunny skies and whipping winds. Off to the patch for a good dig sesh and a interesting conversation with momma Beury, Amos get your shit together!, I love the patch!!! The whistling winds have really dried things out like a miracle. In other news while flipping thru numerous web pages full of Bmx a saw a underground cookie cutter named Hennessey doing flips?! Awesome! Amazing new shit from interbike. Now if I could only win the lottery.


Anonymous said...

you guys are fucking retarded

Ron White said...


Brad H. said...

See you fellas this weekend. You going to be in town Commander?

Anonymous said...

amos will nvr get his shit togather ........ill b in town this wekend to cut his nasty dreads off hahahaa ...... bak in michigan today for 1 show then wer drivn to pa to nite to do shows in altoona ....._jarret