Monday, September 7, 2009

Belmar Cruise........boosed and bruised!!

Heathen Heavy Hitters

Maniac behind the madness.........Thanks bud

Drunken Captain Casanova motor boater

Tent city Heathen sleeping quarters

The wall says it all, KB spot got dialed

custom tranny machine?

Keith should have won best trick with his wickedness, Leland Thurman is a Idiot!!

Chris big dick Doyle sealing the deal with another Belmar win

This guy won the award for being the biggest mess!!

Belmar Legend?

Mike Heyers.............stoked!!

Legendary spot

Big Job Hell scary

Should be show your tits, Shrek was HAMMERED

Didn't take long for the Hedge Hog and Micheal Meyers to find the Acres honey hole!

Godfather with Jacked back

Corey was the Heathens heaviest hitter this weekend. Props son!!!

Peaches and Cream........this guys got alot of shit for sale 4th AM Belmar Stallion

Wow........... The Heathens rode on out to the Newark Valley and the Belmar to kick some ass. We were greeted with open arms from the shaver Jeff Big Job Collins. Camped at his compound with a complimentry bar tour, Heathens were shit faced all weekend long drinking to 4am and up at 9 with a cold PBR. First place goes to P Mac for keeping his shit together while consuming enough alchoal to kill a horse. The Lumberjack gets the award for passing out! The pressure was tremendous with 6 cars following me threw some shitty confusing back roads we managed to have fun and not get lost once!! It was a awesome epic time, everyone on the trip helped make it fun as hell, Big props to Keith Schmidt for winning some dough in best trick. Also Corey Fouse took 4th in armature with Mike Heyers taking 12th and the old fuck jammed it up with 14th. A great weekend, if i left something out sorry, its killing me to sit here and type this out enjoy some pics, theres more to follow after a good sobering............and again i want to thank Steve at Fbm for another great event, The Saints 2 Sinners for hooking us up with a place to stay and a excellent chauffeur, Kelly Baker and family for letting us shred his woods and dig holes, sorry if I left anybody or anything out but alot of stuffs blurry you know who you are, thanks and see you soon!!


spadesandflats said...

Best trip ever Thanks to the crew for keeping old fucked mess happy as hell

Anonymous said...

pop a titty

Anonymous said...

show your dick

Anonymous said...

salt n pepa and tommy t up in the limousine.