Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wet and Deserted!

Waking the Schmoid with the thunder cracks of the flat!! He lives right there and doesnt sweep puddles or even go over everyday?? What the Hell i say!! The trails were wet and empty all week, Heathens mount up!! Its time too flip the soil, patch the holes and wax the tools!! Come break a shovel and check the progress of the new line the third to curved wall berm is getting stacked!! Rippen around this is gona be so FUN!! You could dip yer bars in it!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Throw Away Thursday!!

Another 12hour day of life behind orange barrel's, work sucks! The Heathens are taking care of responsibilities, but hows everyone doing it the same week? Rain? Weather has been super wet, but shits so hard nothings soggy, But bumpy so how about someone go wheel some dirt to the painted out holes and patch them bitches!? The dirt bowl could use a serious tweeking too, The Lumberjack and old man with a part time schmoid have been turning the corner on the new line. No pics cause of long ass day, pics from last week. Goodnight sleep tight..........unless you feel guilty of rapeing the patch!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Patch the Patch!!!!

Its funny patch was packed all weekend, rain for two days and the patch is empty??? Two and a half Heathens flippen soil! No pics so cry in the comments!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Got Dirt?

Another well run day by the heathens in the patch. The trails are the best they've ever been! Nothing but smiley faces and empty cases. The weather held out all weekend for awesome riding! Vinnie killed the dirt bowl and kidnapped the commander for the next tour. The youngest Heathen celebrated his 5th birthday in the patch today. Mr. and Mrs. senior Beury had a picnic and invited us over for a huge spread of awesome food. Thanks!! The new line out of the dirt bowl is getting attention and should be going in two weeks! Man up sissy!

Memorial Memories!

Super chill day in the patch with three founding Heathens. Liven the High life, full of steak, beer and a empire of dirt. Reminiscing of what we've done and how far we've come. Posh got flooded so we couldn't make it down, but all was well in the patch with sunshine and sprinkles the lines were so good 720s, fronties, 3tucks and Heathens who dont giv a fuck!! Christian from state college trails, was there all day cooking dogs and going big. This guy has got so good so far this year makes me a little envies. All the lines were going and sure enough P-mac, Seth, Andrew and some others showed up from Woodward. These three mentioned are pretty rad regulars they're not afraid to help a Heathen out with a shovel! WE enjoy riden grillin and chillin with them. The FBM Gypsies tour is stoping at the patch Monday 15th for some camping and riding Tuesday the 16th before hitting the road to their next stop!! check them out!!! Come down to the patch and help finish the new 09 line!!!! Bring meat for the grill!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


The Heathens had a nice chill fire Friday, till the wrong people showed up being dumbfucks schmoiden up the patch! P mac bailed with the old head to meet the commander and first leiutenant. Headaches and fat bitches followed us from the bar to the commanders castle. The old freshly married man slept in commanders yard in his own puke! To bad Tye the fry guy left the patch on his wheeler waking up Schmoids mums at 3am! Dumb Bastered!!! Its ok though cause all the Heathens were in the patch today along with a bus drivern Chicagoian named Vinny. Vinny is a front wheel spinner master. any time, anyplace! So many dudes shredding the patch on a daily basis is rad! Posh tomorrow if the rain holds off, get on the bus! You should check out they are holding a trail jam in a feild with camping, six bands, trails with lights, beer and good times on June 13th. I was at the first one last year with the whole family and it was awesome so I'm going again, you should too, its like bmx ozzfest!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sweet Pics

More runs at dusk!! Toymenater has mad skills!! Amos, sir Schmoids knee still sore sittn it out. Christan dialed and going big, best that Ive ever seen outa him, and the first Leutenant, Tyson is dialing Woodward dirt. Just let me say this Heathen does dialed front flip in downs!!!! You gotta see this shit! Heathens in the woods!! Fire on Friday!! Bring a tent!!

Concrete Clay Day!

The patch is rode in good. Ask Keegan who just netted 5 stiches in the eye. He took it like a champ though. The dirt is super hard and bumpy, alot of action has been going down every night, some nights are better then others! The commander will be home all weekend so come get loose with the Heathens.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I cant say a enough about the HEATHENS and the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! I just watched wy wife vacume in a pretty little white panty outfit!! Im drunk bmx married man lovin life!! Love yah! More pics from the weekend enjoy!

Tie The Knot Trail Jam!!!

Wow,! what a weekend!!!!!!!!! The Commander was home, TommyT burried the bone, and the Trail Jam went Down!! With Heathens all around the patch was dry and I made my mom cry, all in the same weekend!!!!!! Awesome, Awesome freinds are sometimes tighter then family! The godfather drunk, with a Molson funk, catchin up with the blog, lost in a wedding fog? Man thanks to all those who gave a fuck and We Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heathens make things happen!! 2 inches of rain, blood, pain and glory the Patch was dialed!!!!!!!! New found freinds from the Farm Boy Trails all the way from Warren, PA!! helped make the jam possible!! Thank You! Hope you Boys had a good time! Pics are from freinds who found the d-40 around the way! You guys are awesome you know who you are and thank you! The weekend of a lifetime! Love, Life, Brotherhood=Heathens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Funday

The Heathens were riding with friends in the patch tonight. Even after a long day at camp roasting with no shade, digging and dialing dirt jumps all day they come home to the shaded canopy at the patch to dig ride and unwind. Its awesome cause I haven't been able to do shit lately with everything else going on. I'm stoked on this weekend the commander comes home from the road. Kelly Baker and family are comen in town and the jam on Sunday should be killer not to mention Ill be a married man! Woah shits still setting in, crazy, but anyway Amos re did the step up lip which is awesome looking. That bitch has me 0 and 3 for flips this year, last night I stuffed it hard flip to serious front tire plant scorpion over the side. Know my knee looks like a elephants nut sack! Looks good now thanks to schmoid! The patch is amazing and super good Earlie in the year allready. Heathens are super dialed and I can only imagine where it will take people this year. See you Sunday, and don't be a puss!, leave a raunchy comment at the bottom!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shower Free Sunday!!

Bio Brent!! he is on fire and gets the cover shot. Recently landing a job peelin stickers at Woodward has him super stoked and going big. I missed the Andy Pandy show, flairing every wall in the dirt bowl? Its what I heard. but managed to get to see P Mac and company shred the patch. The die hard Heathens were there as usual riden and dialen! Its great people smilen and haven a good time learning new shit and going big! keeps me pumped!!!