Monday, May 18, 2009

Tie The Knot Trail Jam!!!

Wow,! what a weekend!!!!!!!!! The Commander was home, TommyT burried the bone, and the Trail Jam went Down!! With Heathens all around the patch was dry and I made my mom cry, all in the same weekend!!!!!! Awesome, Awesome freinds are sometimes tighter then family! The godfather drunk, with a Molson funk, catchin up with the blog, lost in a wedding fog? Man thanks to all those who gave a fuck and We Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heathens make things happen!! 2 inches of rain, blood, pain and glory the Patch was dialed!!!!!!!! New found freinds from the Farm Boy Trails all the way from Warren, PA!! helped make the jam possible!! Thank You! Hope you Boys had a good time! Pics are from freinds who found the d-40 around the way! You guys are awesome you know who you are and thank you! The weekend of a lifetime! Love, Life, Brotherhood=Heathens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

dam we look good ,, sux i missed the frontie ,, miss u guys .. had a blast ,, johnstown tomrow ,, tyrone the next day .. bad ass c u guys thiss weekend!!