Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Insane Rain and stressed out Brains!!

This weather is wacked! Wedding and trail jam a week away, I can only hope the sky is getting it all out for that weekend. I find myself hanging out with Curtis digging harder to keep the wedding thoughts away! Heathens were at it again after a day off to re cooperate. Amos and Brent were dialing shit in at the patch after a long day at Woodward. Brent finishing up the banger on straights while the Schmoid took the three quarter finished lip going in to the first berm. I was hypnotized from the big pile of shit we call a 30 footer. The mooey grandee is underway. Didn't the Schmoid hav to come over and talk how he was going to work on it tomorrow to fix it!!!! Damn if the Heathens didn't give him 10 days to do a 3 day job on the berm outta top set!! Get off! You know theres lots of other shit to be doing! No need too be all comen over and sticking yer dick beaters in my sherbert dirt! In other news the commander has been on the road doin shows and evidently playmates?! what a life, mean while the old Heathen is in the hole working towards a Chip n Dale body. Wow stress may be getting to me, come down to the patch tomorrow, the soil is oiled!

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Anonymous said...

chillinin st. louis ,,, drank some whiskey , got 3 hrs of sleep last nite , and rode 3 shows it was still badass .. miss the trails cant wait it loox sick ...ill be home next friday