Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shower Free Sunday!!

Bio Brent!! he is on fire and gets the cover shot. Recently landing a job peelin stickers at Woodward has him super stoked and going big. I missed the Andy Pandy show, flairing every wall in the dirt bowl? Its what I heard. but managed to get to see P Mac and company shred the patch. The die hard Heathens were there as usual riden and dialen! Its great people smilen and haven a good time learning new shit and going big! keeps me pumped!!!


Anonymous said...

nice hair cut brent ,,,, see u guys in 5 days!! amos is a fag an cant reply to simple texts ! but ne waze we went to a terrible waste of wood skate park in pekin illinois, an got kikt out for not wearing elbow pads... Then today we went to a metal park wich looked amazing until u ride the slippery weird tranied buts shit that called a park , or maybe im just spoiled illinois was fun wait till u see the pics !! see u soon lookin forward to ride more then 1 jump in a row ... happpy mothers day .. see u soon

Anonymous said...

wers all the schmoooiid shots doesnt he ride ???