Friday, May 1, 2009

Fast Paced Friday!!

No report yesterday, not enough time to take pics to busy diggn. I purchased a new flat today, Bronco. You can only get it at the Home Depo. The Catty guys swear by them so I figured it has to be good. Its the best flat ever!! Way better then any fiberglass shovel. It rained all day at work figured it would be a 50 pound boot day but the sun came out on the hour drive and the patch was almost ridable. Heathens showed up and shit got done! Tyson tampered and dialed lips, Brent and me packed backsides and Dakota was in the hole feeding us sherbert dirt. The Schmoid even showed up after his nap to work on his three day job. It should only be a three hour job, but you know. Jarretts line is done!! The 30 footer still and will get tweeked but its ready to send! The step up line got its hip landing packed and Brent's Deployer looked so good I had to test the line. He let me send it with a inch of tack stickn on the tires and boots laced tight the line feels just right. All this rain has the dirt perfect for packing and stacking!, little dialen still in order and a little help we should be able to get straights done tomorrow!! So come out drink a twelver and pack shit in till yer hands swell!!

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Anonymous said...

miss all u guys alot ,, an the trails too ill be home in a weak to earn my keep ,,, drunk its 1 bout time u udated this shit ,,, love jarret (commander , commish ) tits for life !!!