Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Memories!

Super chill day in the patch with three founding Heathens. Liven the High life, full of steak, beer and a empire of dirt. Reminiscing of what we've done and how far we've come. Posh got flooded so we couldn't make it down, but all was well in the patch with sunshine and sprinkles the lines were so good 720s, fronties, 3tucks and Heathens who dont giv a fuck!! Christian from state college trails, was there all day cooking dogs and going big. This guy has got so good so far this year makes me a little envies. All the lines were going and sure enough P-mac, Seth, Andrew and some others showed up from Woodward. These three mentioned are pretty rad regulars they're not afraid to help a Heathen out with a shovel! WE enjoy riden grillin and chillin with them. The FBM Gypsies tour is stoping at the patch Monday 15th for some camping and riding Tuesday the 16th before hitting the road to their next stop!! check them out!!! Come down to the patch and help finish the new 09 line!!!! Bring meat for the grill!!

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