Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Suck A Tit

these little bastards are boring in our jumps!!
Clint captain bad ass Reynolds at Mark Ps Jam, awesome time best jam of the year so far
Mark P, the host with the most, thanks for a another epic jam bud!

These Pittsburgh tweekers have built some crazy shit, so fun!!
(bottom) Grinchaboost
(above) Heathens blasting the big bottom line at the patch! Harriet Tubman is running all the way around the berm now! Wont be long till its done! Hopefully for the Heathens 2nd Halloween Train Trail Jam Comp October 9th!! Speaking of jams the welcome jam went down Saturday, it was epic best day roasting all summer for me! And I missed the flaming after hours shit show! Damn it!! Any rate Catty trail jam is this sat September 4th. Saints to Sinners September 11th! Every weekend seems to be roasting it up with buds somewhere, kick ass in my book!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Amos on the long pole getting shit done, The Heathens are missing some shovels? Some cool guy musta needed them?! Any rate Saturday Camp Woodward has a contest going down pretty sick but Im Pittsburgh bound with the hammer down,

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let The Good Times Roll!!!!!

Old School
Good crowds lately!!!
Farm boy gone wild
Ole Ron White in the saddle
Bad ass Bill
Dig Tattoo Mitch
Helmet Cam ...don't laugh this thing works good!

Well The Heathens have had alot of company lately, stoked! With Penn College back in theres returning Heathens and a couple fresh faces! Kick ass! Good riding and good times fill the patch, rain coming tomorrow we will see if we cant ape out some new shit!! Annual Train team trail jam comp looks to be slated for October 16th! You dont want to miss this jam teams of three riders will be judged on costumes, style, passing, and all that crazy shit they can come up with. The Heathens charge a small fee to spectate or ride at the trails for the day all this money and raffle money along with individual entry fees for specific contest goes to the prize purse!!!! Last year we had four teams, the top three teams get paid, i think each first place team rider each got $120greenbacks a piece last year! It aint no dew tour but good for some drunken B team riders!! The turnout dictates the prize money, but all in all that's not bad for a good time in the woods!!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Catty Jam!!!!

Catty Trail Jam is coming up and you dont want to miss this!! Lots of prizes so bring loot for tickets! All money goes to the trails. Its a win win situation!! Photobucket

Monday, August 16, 2010

Population on the rise!!!!!!

Well it seems no one misses the Commander much, and besides is undermining comments and determination to call our trails dead, people are showing up once again to the patch. Even though the trails have been wet and un rideable people are returning to dig again. The patch is much alive and dialed so don't be scared away with team salts salty comments. We will dig on !!!!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wicked Weekends!!!!

Ripe berries....mmmmmm
The Bruiser!!
Trains rule!
Resie Rider forget name, Alex?
Schmoid, in Commanders Face!!!
Max the Bruiser!
Cat Scratch Yetter!
Derek Braappp Brower!!
Patch Champion, showing it wasnt a fluke,

Wow, sums up the weekend!! Kickass patch with P Mac and company camping at the patch=night filled with double fisting and days full of trail blazing!!! Alot of good company rolled threw this weekend, Derek Braaaaapin Brower was back and killing it as usual to many kickass dudes rolled in but most were sickened by the stale heat and heavy drinking, causing low stamina and little desire to sweat it out. This is the most I have rode all summer griping and ripping steady since Thursday and no end in sight!! Loven It!! Hopefully we can role to the moue grandee inland waves of the Lehigh valley Wednesday since I will have to work Saturday anyway. At any rate thanks to everyone who has been out and lend ed a hand with watering, booming, drinking etc!! See you in the woods tomorrow night!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Camp Missouri

Dialed camp site!
Renegade lifestyle
Mad Max
Mad Max roastin 30ftr
P Mac
Split down the middle like a Heathens date! Times are defiantly up in the patch with the Missouri tribe liven at the patch, smoothing shit out and roasting all day how it should be everyday. So come out to the patch and live free or die trying!!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where They At??????

The Hawkins Brothers gave a helping hand to the Heathens the other day. The Heathens are all but missing, Tyson still broke off Commander walked away from the patch and stubbornly refuses to return! And everyone else seems to be hunting lip slides. Weird and wild having such fine woods empty except for resie rider visits and friends from far away. Not to sure what to think about it all, all I do know is riding alone blows. P Mac comes to town tomorrow!!! Cant wait !!!!! So maybe we will see some Heathens tomorrow evening in the patch! And don't forget second annual Train comp trail jam will be on October 16th since the FSA contest is the 23rd at the Bryce Jordan center. So enough said, get over it and get to the patch you whining bitches!!!