Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let The Good Times Roll!!!!!

Old School
Good crowds lately!!!
Farm boy gone wild
Ole Ron White in the saddle
Bad ass Bill
Dig Tattoo Mitch
Helmet Cam ...don't laugh this thing works good!

Well The Heathens have had alot of company lately, stoked! With Penn College back in theres returning Heathens and a couple fresh faces! Kick ass! Good riding and good times fill the patch, rain coming tomorrow we will see if we cant ape out some new shit!! Annual Train team trail jam comp looks to be slated for October 16th! You dont want to miss this jam teams of three riders will be judged on costumes, style, passing, and all that crazy shit they can come up with. The Heathens charge a small fee to spectate or ride at the trails for the day all this money and raffle money along with individual entry fees for specific contest goes to the prize purse!!!! Last year we had four teams, the top three teams get paid, i think each first place team rider each got $120greenbacks a piece last year! It aint no dew tour but good for some drunken B team riders!! The turnout dictates the prize money, but all in all that's not bad for a good time in the woods!!!!

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