Thursday, March 31, 2011

Throw-up Thursday......

Amos, aka the Worden opening up a new hole....get some!!!!!!
pulled the plug on the backed up discharge
Weather continues to suck in central PA, drainage systems are a go for April showers, Amos is leaving back on the road for work, commanders crazy, and were moving all this new shit we just stacked! The move is way for the better! Dialing still on hold due to crazy weather its currently snowing here today again!? Low teens at night low 40s for daily highs= a big glass of WTF! I have seen sum Heathens rocking mad max dig gloves? Some people are hardcore about there dick beaters. Tis the season get to your trails, dig, talk shit and stumble around. Aprils showers makes mega dirt towers!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Madness!!!!!

this is the jump between the s-berms that has had a ejection of roids and wtf, transforming into a big ass hip to the right canceling the need for the berm.
second new hip in the rough...
Shrek, using the same method here as he does to remove dates from bar stool to VW

drainage works
old berm getting a new face!
Lots getting done in the patch. Looks as if the Heathens are in full swing now stacking it up. This new revamp on the S berm line will be no joke for those who say are trails are easy. One off camber huge hip after another right right left ! Crazy!! Ron big daddy Kimler came down to lend a hand and help lay out the new Heathen trickery! Awesome, having all these rad dudes digging and talkin shit on a Saturday afternoon. Still a shit ton to do so come on down!!! Don't forget your roots!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Stack pile of lip after new hip
......Not yet but were working slow and un steady, would you expect it any other way? All good, new regulars that were once one timers and im not sure any of this makes any sense. But at any rate looks like a good weekend to spend in the woods so get in

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Can of Worms!!!!

The only thing dialed so far..........
I will say theres work going down little digging can be done till we get dirt trucked in???? This is the big job underway changing shit up. I will say im not in favor of this but am helping dig it out. S berm gone, hip landing in! Lots to do, so get some mud on your kicks!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awesome Shit

Ive been drinking and surfing the Internet, so this means your reading shit talk and bullshit. Why? Because im typing over here mouth fucker! Yeah these Heathens above are shown wrecking Cleveland what you cant see is the front wheel spinners on da broads they wrecked afterwards, ballzdeep! (going big) Any rate tickets look good nice for a Casselberry Invasion April 10th!!!!!! So got my fingers and balls crossed! We might get a personal trainer Sat to chug lettuce stack carrots and puke Molson !! Get amongst it and loose that muffin top!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Changes, Tweaks and Maybe this year Complete...........

Amos explaining how the s-berm in (straights) is getting canceled for a whole new bunch of Booters!!
Flying Ryan/grandma making his debut with new shovels!!!!! this guy needs a new nickname!
Alex (heavy hitter milf splitter) making shit happen!
....................Harriet Tubman will be!!!!!!! I love stacking, chatting up current events, urinating, shit talking and opinionating dig days that consume many of us. For me anyway its like a family reuniting dirt castle creating masturbating not really but it rhyme' hell of a good time! The s berm landing has been voted to change to a hip landing into six or so huge slight hips to the right behind the dirt bowl and into Tubman. Should be super good if it all works out. A silver maple will need to disappear. Stoked to finally get Tubman completed into the dirt bowl and becoming a circuit. Great to see Shrek creaking shovels and hopefully Alex wants to beef up and hits the shovel on the reg. digging going down this weekend and if you haven't been to your local spot to give your locals a hand, get the fuck up out and into the woods!!!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Day Back,

Superintendent in the office
Cleaning the fire pit?!
Brad doing the most productive work burying the drowned chippey!
The deadly cherry tree finally dropped!!
Stone wall dropped too!
Lots too do in the patch! Hit Amos up during the week for dig times!