Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Madness!!!!!

this is the jump between the s-berms that has had a ejection of roids and wtf, transforming into a big ass hip to the right canceling the need for the berm.
second new hip in the rough...
Shrek, using the same method here as he does to remove dates from bar stool to VW

drainage works
old berm getting a new face!
Lots getting done in the patch. Looks as if the Heathens are in full swing now stacking it up. This new revamp on the S berm line will be no joke for those who say are trails are easy. One off camber huge hip after another right right left ! Crazy!! Ron big daddy Kimler came down to lend a hand and help lay out the new Heathen trickery! Awesome, having all these rad dudes digging and talkin shit on a Saturday afternoon. Still a shit ton to do so come on down!!! Don't forget your roots!

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