Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Changes, Tweaks and Maybe this year Complete...........

Amos explaining how the s-berm in (straights) is getting canceled for a whole new bunch of Booters!!
Flying Ryan/grandma making his debut with new shovels!!!!! this guy needs a new nickname!
Alex (heavy hitter milf splitter) making shit happen!
....................Harriet Tubman will be!!!!!!! I love stacking, chatting up current events, urinating, shit talking and opinionating dig days that consume many of us. For me anyway its like a family reuniting dirt castle creating masturbating not really but it rhyme' hell of a good time! The s berm landing has been voted to change to a hip landing into six or so huge slight hips to the right behind the dirt bowl and into Tubman. Should be super good if it all works out. A silver maple will need to disappear. Stoked to finally get Tubman completed into the dirt bowl and becoming a circuit. Great to see Shrek creaking shovels and hopefully Alex wants to beef up and hits the shovel on the reg. digging going down this weekend and if you haven't been to your local spot to give your locals a hand, get the fuck up out and into the woods!!!!!


Anonymous said...

i think its easier said then done withthe s berm ,, we need to finish wat we hav goin for once lets just change the back strait of the s line

Anonymous said...

it's nice u don't take votes wen ppl r there n do takem wen there's only 3 of ya