Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Countdown Begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tired stressed Heathens
Hippie Heathen



S berms connection correction

Brad Hawkins always a pleasure

The golden shovel was awarded today!
The work keeps progressing in the patch! The Heathens are stoked on the Jam this Saturday July 3rd!!!!!! Thunderstorms are threatening evenings and Heathens aren't even riding just digging! Even with a late night thunder boomer the patch is still good. Tarps son-get some! The golden shovel was awarded and you can only imagine who got it. Don't forget mad prizes are rolling in to be raffled off and I cant believe a years supply of Monster will be awarded to the wildest raddest biggest shredder off the day!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome to say the least. The judge for this may be Bestwick himself? Good times will be had for sure so come on out. There is a wild after party in the works as well so bring a tent if you plan on attending those festivities! Heathens do not condone drinking and driving! Stay tuned for weather reports and updates!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Team Salt!!!!!!!!!!!

360 bike flip!! wtf!!!!!! Zach Worden

Brent 360 from the bottom

Commanders perfection

Greg holding shovel? last years pink shovel award winner, so many in the running for that award this year!

Vinny is dialed!

Have you seen this guy?? Reward if captured alive!

Commander, hes doing it all this year!!! Thank goodness someone gives a shit!

skinny Vinny, better leave the ladies at home or this guy will take em

SOOO Salty in the patch Heathens are ready to kill each other. Some Heathens want perfection some want to walk away some dont even come anymore! T money graced the patch with his presence but vanished before we could chill. The Jam has the Heathens on red line days blend together Heathens wishing for awesome weather. The patch is definitely i different place lately cant wait for the jam!!! Camping is available at the trails or across the street, fireworks are encouraged!! Don't worry young shavers the years supply of monster will not go to any Woodward instructor or pro !! So come out this Saturday the 3rd to ride some pretty dialed trails and win alot of cool prizes that some awesome people contributed for this event.

Monday, June 21, 2010

UPDATED FLYER: Jam July 3rd! Come Have Some Fun and Win Some Goodies

Keep checking back for more info and updates on for the jam. Also the G-town dudes are also having their 11th backyard trail jam fest on the 26th so get out there and have some fun with those dudes. Click here for more G-Town Summer Jam info

First Runs!!

new hip outa quads and 98 into jungle 360 berm.

upgraded 22footer is scary

same shit...

30footer from a distance old man couldn't find a door to slam his dick in so had to improvise

last one on 98 is BIG!

The first official day of summer! Couple Heathens had enough digging, and wanted to send the new upgrades to see how it feels. The dirt bowl was good as a berm little dirt needed mid to bottom Pics courtesy of grandma, since he slid off the hip lip on a Copenhagen can lid. Ooops, still dont think it was the lid? The new 98 felt sweet according to Shrek. Money!! The Quads or Jarrett's line was amazing gotta pump for the (catty) twenty footer. seems bigger now? so good and the thirty footer got sent too. Shrek even sent it!
The Jam is set for July 3rd! Monster has a little fridge and full of monster with other goodies as well! Levis is hooking it up with some denim! Dialed FBM goods, Extent, Heathens soft goods and well see who else we can get in on this. Good old high jump contest and other battles will surely ensue!! This weekend is the polish blue groove dont miss it!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Houchie Haunchin!!




This is the trail pappys better half

This is what we have to work with till we get more dirt!

Dirt bowl is dialed the best its ever been!

Well it was hot and dry as hell today in the patch, the heathens gave the dirt a break and set up Tommy Ts box jump today. Corn on the grill commander with the thrills and beer giving the chill it was a good day! Trail jam will be the first weekend in July!


bucket of beer
smootchie smooth

long overdue upgrade



The Heathens are getting shit done. The stuff that gets the attention is better then it has been in years!!!!!!!! Super dialed! The random thunderstorms has been making digging the main activity in the Woods lately. Not a bad thing because we are really behind this year due to landowners new twenty ten rules and dig regulations, Jarrett the overkill commander has been really putting in the time this year. Guess he feels guilty about the absence last couple years. He is crafty with a shovel but i feel little to critical his work amazing but sometimes you need to say done and walk away. High standards for the overkill commander, its all good bickering driving the soil flipping shovel pushing onslaught of this humidity. Our big jam is going to get bumped back to July 3rd. The 717 crew is having there jam on the 26th so that gives everybody there own thing no need for 2 different trail jams the same day. So get down to the patch and learn something!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Woodwards new Dirt!!!!

Amos landowner of the patch, Heathen and all around bud has finished new dirt at Camp Woodward with the help of O.G. Heathen Tyson and some poser Adam. Shit looks real good wish I could send it, save for some rich little shaver camper. At any rate the patch is looking sweet Comando has been destroying every flat on the harriet tubman line project with long last Heathen darkwing Dustamatic, NICE! Jam is and will be JUNE 26th. With some cool prizes 50/50 camping, and bonfire so come one or come all the patch is stacked scary tall!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Water Tanks!

Hose with no faucet=niceness
this is a standard 300 gallon tank with a valve I'm pointing to connected to a thick wall 1.5 inch 100ft? water line connected to a garden hose.........

filling the tank with buckets is a strenuous 2hr job water pump=5 minute job!

The ladder for the big boy dialing easy on the porcelain Kankles

Riding it in F-it!

sword fighting miller crew

Tysons leg today

It was a half ass dig day, Ryan came up on a sprained ankle to work on the dirt bowl. Commander and Shrek were talking about aliens and dialing dirt???? I gave straights a sweep job and little send sesh. The hose tank setup is dialed pressure is awesome with the tank filled, hopefully who ever uses it turns the valve off when there done!!!!!!!!!! Tysons leg looks terrible but hes taking care of it, going all natural no pain pills lots of skittles mountain dew and PS3! Leave a comment yah dirty bastards