Monday, June 21, 2010

First Runs!!

new hip outa quads and 98 into jungle 360 berm.

upgraded 22footer is scary

same shit...

30footer from a distance old man couldn't find a door to slam his dick in so had to improvise

last one on 98 is BIG!

The first official day of summer! Couple Heathens had enough digging, and wanted to send the new upgrades to see how it feels. The dirt bowl was good as a berm little dirt needed mid to bottom Pics courtesy of grandma, since he slid off the hip lip on a Copenhagen can lid. Ooops, still dont think it was the lid? The new 98 felt sweet according to Shrek. Money!! The Quads or Jarrett's line was amazing gotta pump for the (catty) twenty footer. seems bigger now? so good and the thirty footer got sent too. Shrek even sent it!
The Jam is set for July 3rd! Monster has a little fridge and full of monster with other goodies as well! Levis is hooking it up with some denim! Dialed FBM goods, Extent, Heathens soft goods and well see who else we can get in on this. Good old high jump contest and other battles will surely ensue!! This weekend is the polish blue groove dont miss it!!!

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