Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stumps and Good Times

Next Morning
2nd day

Protoz Video for vital from BJ Wolfe on Vimeo.

You will see at aprox 2:58 in this video where i try to dismount to a stump. Sucked real bad, but was not enough to hold me down. It was a summer getaway me and best buddy KB. We drove from my house to Pittsburgh in a old toyota truck with no radio. You learn alot about somebody in a vehicle for 4 hours with no tunes. Any rate it was a awesome time!! Then around twelve out of smokes and whiskey Kb decides to go to town for some epic sandwich. Drunk as hell and i couldnt walk he says Tommy you gotta drive. WTF ok, i drive on a miracle we find it have this legendary sandwich with badass entertainer Mike Cottle and couple more beers. Its now 3am and we got a four hour drive home drunk as fuck. Well long story short we made it by some miracle cause i ran every redlight between Pittsburgh and Lock Haven since I couldnt use the clutch. Got home at 6am record time KB then drove another 3 hrs to his home. It was a trip I will never forget, BMX+Best Buds=Epic good times!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait till next year Thanks to for the video

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Power Wheelbarrow!!

some time lapse from todays digging 24/01/10 from lewis jones on Vimeo.

With the patch frozen still, the Heathens are unable to dig. We have tried, theres a inch of slop in the middle of the day and then a foot of frozen clay. Cant remember the last winter were it was this bad. So without the woods I spend the time searching the best blogs for a glipse of dirt, like a addict. Lots of cool shit going on out there seems everyone has a blog on their scene. Awesome!! WE should definantly go this way when we build the new spot! is awesome and Dave King is a mastermind!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Schmoiding around............

schmoid transfer

schmoid frontwheel spinner to crossbar catch

follow me, best ground around

miss schmoid

dumpster dick?

shy guy
Just got my camera back from Nikon, these were still on the card in it so here are some un seen shots from last fall, ps start saving that change for some truckloads of dirt for the honey holes. Spring isnt far away!!