Thursday, December 31, 2009

It Was A Good Year!!!!

So lets hope next year has much of the same. Thanks to Robin and Fred Beury for letting us build and share our little empire of dirt, and to everyone who came and visited! Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Year End Awards In!!!!!

Here we go..................... Disclamier: all shit herein is in good fun andis not a slam at anyone.
Best attendance: The crazy Horse, Just wanted a pic of Dickoder dont really know if this is a accurate title for him but he gets it...........Good job buddy.
Best Line: Hips! You voted it wins, here Andrew demonstrates its goodness

Pink Shovel Award: Greggy! This is the only pic with Greg and a shovel I could find!

Dirtiest Rider: Amos, Land Owner, Schmoid congratulations mon!

Freshest Rider: Crazy Mike!, this was supposed to go to the guy who crashed the least throughout the year, cant remember seeing him eat it once?

Most Absent: Billy gets this title, damn shame he lives in Reading, fun always ensues when hes in the patch

Biggest Snake: goes to Cory, congratulations mang keep up the good work!

MVR: the rider who progressed the best throughout the year goes to baby faced Shrek, you earned it Brent! pop a top,

Biggest Pain in The ASS Line: The new line takes this title. Had to post this pic from March when people went gun hoe. This was the best dig day from the year, to bad cause shit got stacked whacked and only finally in November did the line get tweaked enough so that 2 Heathens could make it all the way through this monumental headache.

Best Trick: would have to go to Tyson and his Nipple 720s! This guy has fronties dialed and frontie variations and the best style in the whole damn patch!

Out of Retierment Winner: Ron little dick White gets the win! Good to have you back in the patch man!

Worst KO: Flying Ryan takes it to the bank when he scorpion ed the berm after the 30 footer, Seth Klinger had but old grandma took it right near the end of riding season!

Goldon Tamper Award: The commander gets this title, I swear its the only tool he runs anymore! See yah soon bro

The Most Determined Rider: goes to Christian, from hitting doubles to hitting and splitting on the road, he gets the gold!

2009 was a Awesome year for the Heathens! A team riders on the road earning a living or placing respectable in comps, B team riders on the road entering comps and good times were had and all the visitors that came made it RAD! The Gypsies tour came and that was a epic 2 days for me so awesome all the guys camping riding and filling the patch full of good times. The patch also held there first contest this year, Halloween Train Comp, which was super cool considering the weather. Again I would like to thank all those that came and rode with us, and all the companies who helped with prizes and people who stuck a shovel in the soil. Thanks its so cool to see people come to your spot, that you idolized as a young shaver! These awards are out of good fun trying to get a couple laughs threw this cold shitty weekend, so don't get mad just get over it! I had to go through too many files to find and choose a photo, so you better of enjoyed this one!