Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This is a MUST ATTEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The wizards of the woods would like you to come support them, I will be there! There is nothing like The Catty Woods and a cant imagine BMX with out them. The guys there pay insurance out of there pockets as well as having fundraisers, this being one to keep the woods alive! Its a salty bill not easy to achieve they have family's and bills as well as keeping this 8th world wonder alive. Its our duty the community to help them reach the amount they need the end of year is approaching and due date as well. These guys are super kick ass except for one which hes half ok cause hes a big part of the dirt mecca. So please go to this and give generously. Hope to see you there.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Jam in a Barn?????

Oh shit who gave him that.......
Max, real rad guy above the 8' wall in the rafters on a 6' quarter. Raddest farmer of the day!!
bug eyed guy Christan is from Reading and he was a big help in making it all happen. Thanks man!!
Cory monster dick Foust doing for the Take and the Heathens, runner up in rad farmer.

Little late on this post, works a bitch.........
Well it poured on the Heathens Saturday and to make matters worse it was bitter cold making it super shitty to get shitty outdoors. Alot of people still came out and a decision was made to build a ramp course and have a fun little comp. Sam Weir won the weekend getaway which was awarded to the highest vert wall ride(you wouldn't be a resie rider) Stoked to see this guy get it! Resei rider big ball no std award went too Max Prugger! This guy is defiantly a mega heavy hitter, so Big Daddy shut the Fuck up and eat your heart out !!!! I want to thank all our sponsors who supported us Sparkys mail order, Sputnic, and Subrosa and Woodward!! Most importantly I want to thank the people who came out in spite of the weather, we wouldn't have had that much fun without YOU!!! Also to the bands im not a metal head but you guys kicked ass and leveled me out.
Pics are from Kartman, KMonster, Gator, Kenny, thanks

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weather Report!!!!!!!!!

Local weather forecast says clear Sky's till Saturday. weather channel shows storm rolling in from Ohio hitting Lock haven tomorrow, doesn't fucking matter cause we are going to have this god damn trail jam no matter what!!!! Party is for sure fire is for sure! DJ is for sure, cool prizes from awesome get rad companies are for sure!! Bands r 4 sure and line running is for sure get your balls out resie riders cause i got mad skills in boots bitch, yes i may be drunk and you will too Saturday October 1st come out and help us make the most out of this jam in spite of old dumpster cunt bitch we call mother nature !!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Icing on the Cake!!!!

Super pumped on this after party treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Following this there will be a couple bands and bonfire with acoustic band arriving at 1:30sh to help the party unwind!!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Productive Day!!!!!!

Portland.....we tried somthen new, PA Woods dirt sculpture mixed this in with there dirt for concrete berms, we think its to late for us to do that so we gave this dust and broom method a go. 96 lb bag was only ten bucks so wtf
wet soggy berm
dialing fast dry time?
trimming the new moto X line, (swazzy express)
formerly Shrek now Conan...
P Mac dialing the wash out
giving photographer hell
lets talk about it
pretty little shroom, they are everywhere!
2011 patch pimp Andrew Fox helping out the Heathens
dont get your car stuck at the Tompound and not expect to get roosted, jams coming up and your fore warned.

Super Stoked we asked for a little help on the jumps and alot of dudes showed up to lend a hand!! Awesome jams coming up and the trails are smoother then ever. Wowed at the shovel help from the resie riders aka Woodward lost boys!! Remember all money from entry fees and door fee ($3.00) goes to the 1-3 place teams in the 3 man train team comp, so the support of everyone can pay these roachin riders!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Adopt a tool for the day,

Look at all these fucking tools !!!!!!!!!!
These tools are very sad and lonely, they need a calloused hand or a lubed up meat paw to hold them and smash there face off a washed out landing!!! So come down and hold a neglected tool and maybe even make him feel needed again.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Washed out

As you can see from the photo the trails have lost there butter. The cap on this mushroom saved the 2.5 inchs of butter beneath its stump. Not the same can be said for everything that didnt have a tarp such major piles as the dirt bowl. Rocks and water are plentyfull in the patch stop down and tweak a shovel.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Halloween Jam!!!!!!!!!!! 3rd annual!!!!

You know how it works :
if you dont show up it doesnt work
and if you show up it will work!!!!!!!

Anyone want to help support the venue its appreciated!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Last Trail Jam video!!!

Here's a recap of last jam-
Andrew Fox won pimp of the patch (chip n dale dancer in red helmet in video)
Farm boy in faded red t shirt was runner up. That dude amazes me another high five bud!!!
Best trick went to-
Will the thrill!! A b team renegade with a 3 to bar to downside whip!! WTF!!!
Brent Hile the barbarian came in second with a lovely frontflip.
Most laps on the circuit-
was taken by last years patch pimp Derrick Brower!!!
second place went to Legendary John Lee and his Mexican sweets gave him the distance.
Big air title went -
1st went to my hairs really silky Ronnie Napolitan
second went to the new 2011 Patch Pimp Andrew Fox!

This was done by Pat Smith youtube- patmedown167. I like it and appreciate the time taken to bust it out. Jams fill the patch with rawness. The patch has been totally empty since the jam?????????? Tommy T working his ass off, Amos thinks he's a fucking picker with a big shed of shit, Jarrett doing nothing, and Tyson is training for the Olympics as a professional kayak er!! Fuck it sometimes we all need a break to keep it fresh no worries from me because shit always comes together it always has for the last 20+ years.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jam was a success!!!!!!

Shrek on the new swazzy express
lots of goodies from kickass sponsors
3 stories up callin the shots from the crows nestWill the thrill won best trick bar to 3 down whip, he threw a nipple twist
shrek frontie in best trick
3 can as Ronnie looks on
Max mega dick getting sick
Legend John Lee won second in most laps in circuit
last years patch pimp ripen it
lucky prize winner she roasted al of top set too!

Jam was a awesome!!! Thanks to all all sponsors!!! Everyone that came out raise some money for legend Mike Tag!!! New patch pimp is Andrew Fox!!!!! Big air went to Ronnie Napolitan!! second went too .......i forget im drunk . anyway most laps went too last years Derrick Brower 2010 patch pimp!!! runner up legendary John Lee shown young whipper snappers who's boss! Best trick went too Will Thompson bar 3 downwhip second went to shrek for the roasted front flip!! hope everyone had fun see you at halloween jam, and people are blowing up the yard as I type this. Shit time too party pics curtsy of Kenny Newberry flicker account with many more dope pics at Thanks everyone

Friday, July 29, 2011


this dog likes peanut butter
set it up
rake around
tent town you pitch em we burn themprizes..

Jam starts 11am,
$2 dollar cover and waiver needed to participate
New patch pimp will be crowned
most laps on the circuit title
big air
normal raffle tickets for bag prizes,
$10 dollar raffle for double weekend getaway at Camp Woodward!!
All proceeds go to Mike Tag!!!

big thanks to our sponsors, FBM Bikes, Woodward Camp, Native Bikes, Wasted Youth, Case Bmx, Sunday, Full Factory!!!
Big thanks to the crew for dialing it in!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Send It Saturday!!!!

Cassleberry host, Aaron Sarkisian doing it for Native !!!
conan lookin good
get wild!!!

Patch went from dust to slime with these un trapped frog choking down pours. Well get Swazzy line done for Jam time with a couple more rains. More details for Jam coming soon stay tuned.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trail Jam,

Last Years Pimp of the Patch, Derek Brower can anyone take the title??

Kids got style for miles.

Trails are super dry, patch looks like 9th street in August. Water plan is in effect. I blame it on all the gas drilling, fuck fossil fuels! Any rate off site camping available at the Tompound. More details coming soon, A new patch pimp will be crowned who's down?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saturday Edit!!!

Big Thanks to Pat for this kickass edit!! Trail Jam last weekend in July, Jam July 30th don't miss it!!!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Baker Comes To Town!!!!

"you can ramp a cinder block like nothen"
fun times with the Heathens
Swazzy express 3 by ole boosty
brappin Bower gots the whip power!
on lookers at the new big line throw down
Ronald White!
theres deer in PA
KB does water works too
too slow
Foust wants big air title from Adam Guillams , rematch??
boost getting loose on 22 ftr
Hey man if you throw a paint can in the fire its awesome!!! Big trail jam last weekend this month shits going down!! Trails are super rad! Come on out and get loose!!