Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Jam in a Barn?????

Oh shit who gave him that.......
Max, real rad guy above the 8' wall in the rafters on a 6' quarter. Raddest farmer of the day!!
bug eyed guy Christan is from Reading and he was a big help in making it all happen. Thanks man!!
Cory monster dick Foust doing for the Take and the Heathens, runner up in rad farmer.

Little late on this post, works a bitch.........
Well it poured on the Heathens Saturday and to make matters worse it was bitter cold making it super shitty to get shitty outdoors. Alot of people still came out and a decision was made to build a ramp course and have a fun little comp. Sam Weir won the weekend getaway which was awarded to the highest vert wall ride(you wouldn't be a resie rider) Stoked to see this guy get it! Resei rider big ball no std award went too Max Prugger! This guy is defiantly a mega heavy hitter, so Big Daddy shut the Fuck up and eat your heart out !!!! I want to thank all our sponsors who supported us Sparkys mail order, Sputnic, and Subrosa and Woodward!! Most importantly I want to thank the people who came out in spite of the weather, we wouldn't have had that much fun without YOU!!! Also to the bands im not a metal head but you guys kicked ass and leveled me out.
Pics are from Kartman, KMonster, Gator, Kenny, thanks

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