Friday, April 22, 2011

Legend/badass needs some help

FBM OG, legend, all around badass Mike Tag is currently battling with Stage ll Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. FBM has set up a page accept donations to help with his medical bills. Help a brother out and send a donation.

Not many people ride like this guy anymore no frills straight badass.

Props Issue 29 - Mike Tag Profile from PropsBMX on Vimeo.

"Following recent health issues which have grown increasingly worse in the last month, Mike 'Tag' Tagliavento, an original member of the FBM team, part owner of Shitluck Clothing, co-producer of classic BMX videos such as "1201" and all-around amazing BMX rider, was diagnosed earlier this month with Stage ll Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma is a cancer that affects the lymphoid tissue, which includes the lymph nodes, spleen and other organs of the immune system. Doctors have discovered tumors in the throat, chest and clavicle areas on Tag, and on Saturday, April 16, Mike took the first step towards recovery, starting 18 weeks of intense chemotherapy.

Currently, Mike Tag is in the ICU in an Ithaca, N.Y. hospital, recovering from complications which included fluid around his heart. Tag hopes to return home as soon as possible and continue treatment. But he needs our help.

Mike has no health insurance and cannot work while undergoing chemotherapy.

Tag, as many of us have come to know him throughout the years, has played an integral part in elevating the status of dirt riding, street riding and video production throughout the early '90s and into the '00s. Mike was one of the first riders to really focus on the art of searching for spots, and for years, Mike traveled the world with his FBM and a video camera in search of elusive rails. Mike Tag's riding and filming has been featured in over a decade of FBM videos, as well as countless issues of Props, Road Fools and etnies "Forward". And Mike was the first rider to receive a signature frame from FBM, the Night Train.

To put it bluntly, Mike Tag's riding (and antics) influenced an entire generation of BMX.
Over the next few months, we plan on doing everything we can to help Mike through this difficult time, and we need everyone's support. That may include fundraising, and it might be something as simple as sending positive vibes Mike's way.

The important part is that Mike receives the proper medical care to beat this. If you can donate to the Mike Tag Fund and help a true BMX legend pay off his medical bills, we would greatly appreciate any help."

- Brian Tunney/ESPN

Go Here to send a donation.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2010 Patch Pimp Pumps The Patch

Derrick Browler lends a hand why shrek tries to keep upright
Slow but steady is how it goes in the patch. Good to see people from far away lend a hand. This used to be called straights or visitors called it s-berms. Its now going threw major overhauling and has transformed into Fukashemia. Name fits the bill cause people will be blowing up!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Inspect Your Tools!!!!!

Commander lost the tip of his finger due to shotty broom!
This is the meat mangler
Commander prior to accident, maybe the guns are just too much?
Farm boy Mitch making sure the tree doesn't fall on Ryan's work
Step up landing is way steeper this year with a fat top
Little Nate?, Zach and new guy Luis from Pittsburgh learn the wicked ways of the soil sword
Ryan with Luis under his wing
Zach helping out
I was informed that the drain ditch to the left of this one needs pipe, The superintendent is pissed!
Block where you been?
Tyson giving hips the suave smooth slider technique

Heathens have been putting in time in-between the ever too frequent rain showers. The Commander was there today until a broom broke in half and toke the tip off his middle finger. Moons ago I had a shovel snap and rip the web between my thumb and pointer finger but was no where near this incident! There goes are safety streak! Inspect those tools!!! Amos is back home but he and Tyson have started the dirt jumps at camp Woodward so they are like the rest of us now. Evening and weekend warriors. Old age responsibilities suck sometimes! The work is coming along and everything is going to be way better this year, big jump on the ratitude scale! Two big trail jams are planned this year like last year. I cant speak much of the Halloween train jam comp (3rd annual) this year, but what is in the works is going to blow everyone world wide away!!!!! If you thought last years was big you are in for a surprise to say the least!! Hope it all stays on track and comes together, actually I'm scared shit less!!!! Hope its not to serious for the commander because his time and work is priceless! Get well soon and keep that finger out of dark wet warm honey holes!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Positive Position

Hips, getting worked
Step-up, getting work
not sure what this is for?
pipe in

The Heathens are running thru the patch dialing like mad men, it looks like we will have lines running in a week or so if we can get a little cooperation from the weather and a couple more dig days like this one!!! Stoked!!! Its my opinion that we get our lines running and then shut one down at a time for the serious tweaks. Just a opinion, let s get things ready to ride, summers coming hot an heavy! Next week temps look sweet 70 degrees!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Less Jump....

First jump in Hips is gone, now a big roller. I am a little bummed on this, never want to lose jumps. This change is just a change not for any real improvement. I see that Panamoka has jumps dialed, a line running, and it seems they finish what they start before moving on to something else. The Heathens spend more time pointing fingers, starting something there, and then start something here, and then lets do this with no completion. Some want to start the annual redo but there seems to be change wanted everywhere??? Two big new jobs is enough on the plate with all the redo to go as well. Especially with the ever more loss of diggers. Not sure what to think, Im to old to fight over this shit. Just want to roast jumps and chill in the woods. If we wanted to ride rollers we would be building pump tracks instead of trails. Bummed......

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Clumping Continues!

solid dig crew
Flyin Ryan
Shrek crooked lip engineer
raping the earth
Lawn Dart wondering how he got here, and why he's working thanks Lonnie!
Computer design mastermind Big Dick Hawkins
Been good times digging in the patch lately. Heathens have had good amount of help from visitors stopping by, stoked on resie riders getting there kicks muddy!!! New line is coming along fast, ground needs to dry out for dump truck loads to be delivered once that happens all hell will break loose dialing and building up existing lines!! Come on out for some whispering woods therapy guaranteed to leave in a different state of mind!