Thursday, April 14, 2011

Inspect Your Tools!!!!!

Commander lost the tip of his finger due to shotty broom!
This is the meat mangler
Commander prior to accident, maybe the guns are just too much?
Farm boy Mitch making sure the tree doesn't fall on Ryan's work
Step up landing is way steeper this year with a fat top
Little Nate?, Zach and new guy Luis from Pittsburgh learn the wicked ways of the soil sword
Ryan with Luis under his wing
Zach helping out
I was informed that the drain ditch to the left of this one needs pipe, The superintendent is pissed!
Block where you been?
Tyson giving hips the suave smooth slider technique

Heathens have been putting in time in-between the ever too frequent rain showers. The Commander was there today until a broom broke in half and toke the tip off his middle finger. Moons ago I had a shovel snap and rip the web between my thumb and pointer finger but was no where near this incident! There goes are safety streak! Inspect those tools!!! Amos is back home but he and Tyson have started the dirt jumps at camp Woodward so they are like the rest of us now. Evening and weekend warriors. Old age responsibilities suck sometimes! The work is coming along and everything is going to be way better this year, big jump on the ratitude scale! Two big trail jams are planned this year like last year. I cant speak much of the Halloween train jam comp (3rd annual) this year, but what is in the works is going to blow everyone world wide away!!!!! If you thought last years was big you are in for a surprise to say the least!! Hope it all stays on track and comes together, actually I'm scared shit less!!!! Hope its not to serious for the commander because his time and work is priceless! Get well soon and keep that finger out of dark wet warm honey holes!!!

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