Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2010 Patch Pimp Pumps The Patch

Derrick Browler lends a hand why shrek tries to keep upright
Slow but steady is how it goes in the patch. Good to see people from far away lend a hand. This used to be called straights or visitors called it s-berms. Its now going threw major overhauling and has transformed into Fukashemia. Name fits the bill cause people will be blowing up!


Anonymous said...

lookin good fellas!

Anonymous said...

1st off, brent looks like he's about to yarf hard. second off, and i doubt i'll be the only one, shits will always be known to me as the Swayze Express.


Anonymous said...

Agreed! Swayze Express! I had a rough night. haha


Scot said...

Hey Amos, local mtn biking long hair here, Scot. Ex-bmx, but too old and injured now. We've run into each other, on your property, Rauchtown Inn, etc. Gave you some props on my thing here: http://clmba.blogspot.com/

We're moving to Pine Loganton Road within the year, as long as the builder gets working....and will be stopping by to watch the madness in the near future....and maybe even pick up a shovel.

Keep riding!