Wednesday, July 30, 2014

5th annual Mountain Jam!!!!!!!!!!

August 9th, 5 year in a row for this.  They have only gotten better with time.  As usual $3 dollar cover to pay out big air winner.  Lots of other prizes to be given along with a Woodward weekend getaway!  A patch pimp will be crowned, Will Herman was last years winner.  Camping available  Stay tuned for more details

Friday, July 25, 2014

Circuit Bmx Comes to Town

These pics were almost lost, good thing for Paige she could save them and then the damn thumbnails were so small i couldn't tell what was what, here it is better late then never thanks for all the help.
 Henny Badger

 Chunk, had like 500 laps on this line

 Henny Badger
 not sure why there all honey badger pics

 Me and Kody tyring to connect
 Badass local Boosty 450 truck the hip before stepup
 mid 720
 Zack Warden

 Milky Matt is a style cat

truck, by meat swinger Alex Rode

 circuits wheel man

 Henny on Swazzy
 Ole giraffe legs first hit on the Swazzy expresss

Camera hog again

 Good to have John finally make it out to our spot
 Best hair in bmx! also ties for one best dudes in BMX

 Milky Matt got Big air for that weekend!!
 Until next time china doll

 Boosty 3 the 22ftr
Alex 3 the 22 ftr

So good to see Vic again its been way to long, he brought a bunch of rad dudes and dudetts to the Tompound.  They helped dial in the patch since the blue groove jam was the week before.  It was a awesome time with a bunch cool people i never get to see enough of.  Soon i will make the trip north to pay these guys a visit.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Blue Groove Jam, Last Pictorial with,...... words

 This guy had a diamond in his cheek and ended up with a browneye brushburn on his leg
Coal Miner on a weekend getaway
 not bad for  being from Reading
 Not sure ass is not familiar
 stoked on this pic from Bill Muscleman
 another mankind mangeled mongoloid angle
 not sure why this guy was trying to adjust his seat here??
 Good times, not too crowded just a real good Saturday Sesh and now the woods have a nice groove
 Afternoon assault
 Rob Darden must slammed 5 protein shakes cause he went off, super dialed and non stop all day,

 Swazzy onlookers, not sure if they're getting bit by mosquitoes or scratching over the swazzy swag
 This line got alot of action, so glad all the bugs are worked out
 different jump different guy
 the booter after the infamous swazzy hip
 Aloise flipping out
 Kody Berthelot has put in some good time digging these jumps into shape this year,
 different angle different dude
 pine tree interference
 Ramp Rider MidWest kid, alot talent from the flatland, who would ever thought
 Another text book stunt from OG RD
Ole Milky Matt took the win for big air but Toy didn't let it go without a fight.

I had a real good time as I think everyone did. Thanks for coming and being respectful and responsible.  Next Jam is the annual Mountain Jam August 9th.  Mark your calenders and come have some fun.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Blue Groove Jam- Pictorial #1