Sunday, July 6, 2014

Catty Jam Pictorial

 Amos was on fire
 He came back from Catty a new man
this guy had a nice red
sick bar humps all day
 didn't catch this cats name but he was roasting chicken all day
 Schwantz or the Schwartz doesn't matter what does matter is he kicks ass at life, always a good time
 The man who used to the other side of the lens
 Rob Dolecki was rideing smooth as ever big lines all the time
 not often you see a sasquatch ripping threw the woods 35mph on a bmx bike
 Aloise does use a shovel, i thought he only sat in cats, Trevil stunts the shovel for the class
 Grandma Ryan was roasting in Heathen trains all day,
 hear he has helped Ohara trails take a new breath they look damnit dialed on istagram
 Amos with the flatty
Ron drove the wagon down the turnpike to the Jam told me a story of ancient x-games and ball bags.  He then proceeded to show everyone in the woods he is still a major badass with limber limbs
 These 2 big apes put the work in and are kickass company
 I couldn't post the pic of the Little Devil Strippers but here is a big sign with a snake?
High Speed fly by he was going so fast i didnt catch his name?
 Schwartz medicine is doing him good he made through the whole raffle
 Joe Houlette is a true roaster if yah dont know now yah know dirtfactoryteamdialer
Catty Woods is a amazing dirt art piece.  The trails feel smooth as glass and theres more lines then your ass can handle.  Everyone one involved in this place is amazing, keep up the good work its one best bmx communities that exist.  I love going to jams and seeing everyone you never see enough of.  Great times!

Heathens Blue Groove Jam this Sat need some tires to ride this shit in.  Hope to see you in the woods.

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