Monday, July 18, 2016

More Jam Pics

 Kooks in the woods
 Street rider, beets the hell out of landing flat off some steps he says
 another reason Corey Fancy Fouse won big air
 No shirt kid

little Obama one of my favorites has shown his support for the Heathens for a long time and we love to see him.  Hes bad ass hell

Some dude pissing in the air

again thanks to all who showed up and had a good time with us.. Thanks to The Beury family for all there support the last 14 years.  Without them these dreams would just be dreams.

Go out meet and greet and pump people up, at work in the woods or where ever.  Nice words and positive reinforcement help people put there best foot forward, and that person will never forget those kind words.  Cheers!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mountain Jam 2016

 This weekend was a belly full to say the least,
 Vinny from Akron Ohio killed it with his stunts but with a extra scoop of style on them.  Not everything went his way but he walked away and with the best trick award.  Well done sorry we never crossed paths sooner.  Thanks for coming hope to see you soon.
 No Shirt kid "Steve" was throwing spikes down all weekend, killing it as if he nailed a jew on a cross
 Andrew Fox, Patch pimp for... a lot times?!  He is a big part of these woods a staple for the past 5-7 years from a shovel tender to a amazing rider to a friend.   He flipped the 30 ftr on a 450 bar he mangled ankle on a hip most dudes wad up jumping straight rode the rest of the night and partied into the night like a God.
 some dude trying to keep his wobble knees from buckling during the long jump.  We held the long jump on a 30 ft double this year painted out too 50 feet!!! flat bottom, Tysons idea and a awesome idea how far can you go till your head tube says NO!!!!!!!!!!
 The crowd were crazy running across this tranny is like hunting pokemon on I80
 Heres another shot of a bird trying to knock outa MTB riders record to beat.... it was not to be
 behaved crowd after a few roman candles
Nikolas Drdabigdick won the long jump with a fork bottoming out measurment of 42 feet on a 30 foot  Fuck Yeah!!
 Corey Foust won big air sponsored by Elk Creek Cafe from Milhiem Pa close to this Drew Carey eye piece stealing mother fuckers favorite resie to mop is located.  Local little b itchy kid who i always loved and hated but has grown into a lean mean pink panty pull down machine!!!   Well done stud, your time is now
Joe Nazark is gona close it down...

I would like to thank Fred and Robin Beury for letting our dreams still become a reality.   Thanks to all the Beurys who help and there husbands.  You help make it what it is... awesome !!!
Thanks for everyone who came out without you it would just be a handful of dudes bitching about life.  You all keep the stoke alive.. It is more rewarding to me to show and share a good time with people then to keep it to yourself.  Not even the same.
Trails are alove alive and underground where it belongs.  

So much crazyness went down im still wrapping my head around it, i have tried to write this for awhile but my computer keeps being a bitch.  I would've had more pics but the redo is frustrating enough to make my dicks sideburns grey.
 Until next time...make it happen do something for yourself and others.  Peace
Im glad i still have my bike and my friends.